Move over bomber jackets and embroidered boots, the most sought after style item on the Irish market has to be the Repeal The 8th jumper.

Yup, as Irish people donned the black jumpers and T-shirts en masse to show their support for the cause it became clear that wearing your political beliefs on your sleeve (literally) has never been more stylish.

The jumpers first went on sale in July, as part of a campaign to bring visibility to the issue of abortion rights – still one of Ireland's most controversial conflicts. 


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The jumpers, along with T-shirts, were hugely popular and sold out in mere days.

However, if you missed them during the summer there is some good news: the items are now returning… and we can't wait to get out hands on one.

Nine Crows, arguably one of Ireland's top vintage retailers, has teamed up with Repeal The 8th to host a pop-up at both their Dublin and Galway stores.


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The events are happening tomorrow, Thursday the November 10, between 6-8pm.

Nine Crows will continue to sell the Repeal merchandise after tomorrow's launch, which includes jumpers, T-shirts and tote bags, along with a few other 'surprises'.

And yes, we're keeping our fingers crossed that one of those surprises is the long awaited Repeal The 8th bomber jacket!

The threads won't be available online, but according to the Repeal Project's Instagram, the online store should be back up and running next month, so even if you can't make it down to Nine Crows you should be able to snap one up very soon.