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Hundreds of students have been left disappointed after NUIG announced it would reschedule today's planned graduation ceremony due to the effects of hurricane Ophelia. 

"NUI Galway will be closed tomorrow Monday 16th October due to the arrival of Storm Ophelia," a post on the university's Facebook page read. 

"In the interests of safety, staff and students are not expected to attend the University. A skeleton staff will be on campus during the morning to give advice and guidance to anyone not receiving this message. All conferring ceremonies which were scheduled for tomorrow will now take place on Saturday (21st October)."  

The announcement came late yesterday evening, and while the safety of staff and students is the number one priority, many graduates have been left frustrated by the lack of notice. 

One commented: "Lads this is disgraceful. People's families have travelled, money has been spent and now people will miss their family members graduating. You've made a massive mistake."

Another said: "This is an absolute joke. How am I meant to reschedule my plans with 5 days notice? I work on weekends and I mightn't even be able to attend my own grad. Absolute disgrace." 

Family and friends of graduates had made arrangements months in advance with some even spending up to €500 on hotel rooms for the night. 

"The timing of the cancellation of Monday’s graduations is appalling. We were on route to Galway when you finally posted. Our hotel has advised they have to charge, almost €500 which could’ve been avoided at 24 hours notice, i.e before 4pm. We all knew about storm Ophelia before 4pm today."

As mentioned in the statement, a 'skeleton staff' will be on campus tomorrow morning to inform any students who may not have received the message overnight. 

The University has apologised for the inconvenience caused and has said it expects business to resume as normal on Tuesday. 



A team of doctors in the Department of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery at University College Hospital Galway are warning against the distracting nature of selfies.

In the most millennial epidemic ever, the team treated four broken wrists in a single week, with each injury being the result of taking a selfie.

A paper published in the June edition of The Irish Medical Journal warns that taking selfies pulls your focus from your surroundings and physical awareness, which can lead to accidents. 

'This can lead to trauma, resulting in hospitalisation.'

'In our institution, we have noted an increase in the past number of months of selfie-related trauma.'

The paper outlines four cases, all of which involve patients injuring the non-selfie-taking wrists in accidents involving smart phone selfies. 

The paper describes an incident involving a 13-year-old, who tried to take a selfie mid-jump on a trampoline, crashed into her bouncing companion and fractured two bones in her arm.

Another case described a 27-year-old sports woman, who fell while trying to take a team selfie on a flight of stairs, and fractured her wrist. 



Choosing the right college is pretty important, and three Irish universities have just proven their credentials by ranking high in an evaluation of almost 1,000 colleges worldwide.

Trinity College, University College Dublin and NUI Galway have all improved their ranking on the list of top World University Rankings.

The list is created based on a number of factors, including employability for 2018 and academic reputation. 


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Trinity College takes the lead at 88th in the world, improving by 10 places.

UCD moved eight places to 168, and NUI Galway sits at 243, an improvement of six places.

University College Cork, UL and DCU all appear on the list too. 

The top university in the world is Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to the list.

The prestigious institute is followed by Stanford University and Harvard University.


An NUI Galway student has told SHEmazing! she was removed from an academic conference attended by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny – for wearing a Repeal The 8th jumper.

The female 2nd year student added that she was escorted from the university building by An Garda Síochána and a security guard.

Yesterday evening, a group of 25-30 students was hosting a peaceful protest calling attention to the abortion rights campaign. It is claimed, however, that the removed student was not involved in this activity.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was visiting NUI Galway to open the international academic conference as part of the Irish 2016 Centenary Programme. Called 1916-2016: The Promise And Challenge Of National Sovereignty, it was held in the Bailey Allen Hall and was free and open to the public.

The student, who this morning was in contact with SHEmazing! but has asked not to be named, arrived intending to work on an academic project with a number of other students in a meeting room of the building. She says that she stopped briefly to watch the protest.

A number of protesters began chanting as Mr Kenny arrived, and the student added that at this stage she went to return to the meeting room. 

"Gardaí came upstairs and removed the [protesters] and then came into our room. We told them we were not part of the protest," she revealed. 

"A security guard then pointed to the Repeal jumper and asked 'what's that?'

"I replied saying that I am in fact a student and not a protester. My fellow students defended me saying it was merely a coincidence," she continued. 

She says she was then escorted out by two gardaí and a security guard. 

"I honestly felt very threatened in that room; they were very condescending.I feel that Garda-force was unnecessary and that we would not have been removed if it hadn't been for my jumper.


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"We were all very upset by the events last night.

"I understand that because of the protest there were worries and tensions surrounding the Taoiseach's well-being but it could have been handled in a much more civil manner, without causing hurt and confusion," the student added. 

Hazel Nolan, who posted a video from the conference to Twitter, said: "I'm auditor of UCD For Choice so it's great to see other colleges taking opportunities like this to protest about the 8th amendment.

"However, escorting someone from their own college, when they weren't even protesting, for wearing a certain jumper is ludicrous."

A Garda spokesperson told SHEmazing! that "an Garda Siochana were present to police this event and ensure there was no breach of the peace. No arrests were made by Gardaí."


Amal Clooney is a renowned human rights lawyer and pretty much an all-round inspiration for many young women around the world.

This week she shared some of her legal wisdom with one lucky law student from Galway.

​Loughrea native Catrina Chahin was lucky enough to meet her idol at the September session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The 23-year old has just finished her masters in International Human Rights Law at NUIG.

Amal was on hand to give a talk on fair trial rights and issues surround judicial accountability.

Catrina said that she had a chance to witness first-hand how Amal takes the time to speak with young lawyers about their goals. She told UTV Ireland:

“I was asking her how to best go about practicing law in the international sphere and she was just saying to be determined and don't be deterred by statistics which obviously make it seem very difficult.”

Catriona wants to go on and practice law internationally and was looking for some guidance. Amal told her not to be deterred by the statistics which make it seem so difficult.

"She recommend that I qualify as a lawyer, solicitor or barrister, while I'm still in the academic mind-set basically and then I can always go back to working for NGOs.”

While it may seem that Amal, who specialises in public international law, international law and human rights was someone who had her sights set on success from a young age, Catriona says it was the opposite.

“She told me that when she finished university she never had a 10 year plan and that you never know what opportunities will arise.”