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Megan Barton-Hanson has taken to Instagram to thank her personal trainer for his ‘love and support.’

The model hired Matt Fields, who was once Michael Jackson’s bodyguard, back in October.

Fields has been teaching the reality TV star self defence as well as training her fitness.


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Megan thanked him for all his ‘love and support’ in a sweet Instagram story.

The model has struggled in recent weeks after a very public break up with her love island beau Wes Nelson.

The couple split after 6 months, with Megan citing Wes’ ‘love of fame’ for the break up – as well as his Dancing On Ice schedule (and partner). 


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She said: ‘Thank you @officialmattfiddes for all your love and support throughout this tough month.'

'You have been my Rock! Training with you has really helped me stay calm and clear my mind.'

‘I honestly believe people cross paths for a reason!’

We're so glad Megan is finding solace in a healthy pursuit like exercise. 


If you've ever had a personal trainer in the gym, then you'll know that they're all different.

Some are tough and push you to reach your goals, while others take the softer approach and ease you into the workouts and exercises.

However, you all know that everybody prefers different types of training; and that's where this app comes in.

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Coined the Tinder for finding personal trainers, Trainerize.me is the answer to finding the perfect match for you (in the gym, that is).

When you sign up, you will have the chance to look through thousands of personal trainer profiles.

An algorithm that's similar to dating apps chooses PTs that you'd be suited to judging on location, personalisation, cost, desired service and more.

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And all you have to do is swipe left or right until you find the right one.

Once you're happy with your personal trainer, you then have an all-access pass to them.

Whether you want to share meal plans with them ot track your progress, or simply answer a few questions, you're PT will be there for you.

Sounds handy!

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!


She’s no stranger to the gym, but it seems it could be more than Ellie Goulding’s love of fitness that’s enticing her there.

The Starry Eyed singer has sparked romance rumours with her personal trainer, Bobby Rich, after it emerged that the pair had posted matching images of Ellie on their personal Instagram accounts.

The photo shows the 29-year-old songstress covering her face with a bouquet while attending a wedding which is believed to have taken place two months ago.


Hmmmm…Would fit perfectly in my hand luggage

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On Ellie’s account, the picture is captioned: “Only went and caught the bouquet”.  Similarly on Bobby’s page it says: “She caught the bouquet.”

But while fans have become increasingly convinced that the pair are an item, a source told The Mirror that Ellie is still single.

“They’ve been hanging out for a number of weeks as friends as well as training,” said the insider.  “Their friendship isn’t something she’s keeping quiet as she’s posted about Bobby a number of times on social media.”


Only went and caught the bouquet

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Since splitting with Dougie Poynter in March, Ellie has been linked to Prince Harry

But since Harry is now publicly dating Meghan Markle, could Ellie move on with Bobby?

We’ll have to wait and see.


Zero chill Sunday at @thirdspacelondon

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There's a reason why many of us adopt a certain pose the moment a camera is wheeled out, right?

After agonising over past snaps which cast us in an unflattering light or highlight our perceived flaws, many of us have perfected a pose which showcases our best side and accentuates our attributes.

And while we know it's ridiculous to rely so heavily on that one pose, we also know how quickly a night can go downhill when we catch a glimpse of ourselves on a friend's camera looking nothing like we thought when we left the house half an hour earlier.

Reminding the public that some camera angles, certain poses and particular positions will always cast the body in a less flavourable light, personal trainer Jen Widerstrom has shared a splitscreen shot of herself taken 120 seconds apart.

Looking vastly different, Jen wrote: "Oh oh it's magic, you know. We all look like this when we sit."

"Don't stress about the way your body looks in certain positions. These photos were taken 2 minutes apart," she added in the post which has clocked up more than 20,000 likes.

Acknowledging the importance of the post, one of Jen's followers: "Thank you for showing this. Don't let it be the last time. We need this reminder over and over again."

"Really put it in perspective for me as does the other pose as I'm terrible for getting on myself for roll," added another.

Props Jen, props.



It’s that time of year: the festive party season is looming large and thoughts of ‘January detox’ (whisper it) all-too occasionally pop into the back of your mind.

And while it’s undeniably a major expense (nope, they don't come cheap), the right personal trainer can be worth their weight in gold.

Still, just like the same old gym classes and the same old exercise routines, the same old instructor is pretty useless.

So here, strength and conditioning coach Rachel Cosgrove, owner of the chic and celeb-friendly Results Fitness in California, guides us through the NINE signs that it’s time to give your trainer the boot…


1) Groundhog’s Day:

Another day, another workout you’ve memorised and could do alone? Red flag, says Ms Cosgrove: “There should be a plan that progresses every workout, whether you’re adding weights, reps, or different moves in – and the routine itself should change every four to six weeks.”

2) A one-size-fits-all programme:

A waste of time and money! The whole point of a personal trainer is that they can work a specific plan for you that helps you meet your individual goals and needs.

3) Your body’s always really sore:

There’s training hard, and then there’s training so hard you can’t get out of bed or tie your shoes. If your trainer throws the toughest possible moves your way every week for fast results, you could be setting yourself up for injury. “It’s good to be sore every once in a while, but you should still be able to function after training,” says Rachel.

4) Their phone:

For the hour you’re on the gym floor, the trainer should have his or her eyes on you. Chatting with others, catching up Jeremy Kyle on the gym TVs, or tweeting while you’re mid-squat are all signs they’re not so passionate about getting you into shape.

5) You gossip:

It’s easy to become close with your trainer. Just don't get too personal, says Rachel. “Your trainer should be good at flipping the conversation so that the majority of the hour is about your training – not about what you did over the weekend.”

6) You’re not improving:

You’ve been showing up, swapped beers for Brussels sprouts, and still have nothing to show after eight weeks of dedication. It’s a sign your trainer may not have the experience or skills to design an effective programme, says Rachel. “You should see changes to your body within 30 days.”

7) You’re de-motivated:

You’re not going to go ‘YAH!’ at the prospect of every single session, but you should still feel pretty good when you walk out the door afterwards. “You want a coach who leaves you feeling inspired and excited,” says Ms Cosgrove. If you feel like you’re being judged, snapped at, or compared to other clients, it’s time for a change.

8) You’ve been cancelled on more than once:

Professionalism is everything and barring a real emergencies or sickness, your trainer should be waiting for you each week. “Ideally, find a coach who has a network of other trainers they can refer you to if they have to be out or they’re on vacation,” adds Rachel.

9) The whole package isn’t there:

It's not just about strength or a dress-size. Your overall wellness is really important. “Fuelling your body, getting enough sleep, limiting stress… it’s all a part of the package and should be talked about,” says Ms Cosgrove.


Of late, X Factor host Olly Murs has been juggling quite a hectic schedule.

Not only has he been balancing his hosting duties with his new album release, he is also hard at work promoting his new book Olly Murs: Life On The Road.

Despite his busy lifestyle, it looks like Olly has managed to make the time to hit the gym. His trainer, Rob Solly, took to Instagram to show off his client’s impressive results.

Showcasing what can happen after 12 weeks of hard work, Olly's personal trainer, posted some before and after pictures of the singer.

"This is what happened to @ollymurs when we had 12 weeks training to get tour ready," he captioned the shot.

The newly-single presenter was standing shirtless before a mirror. The black and white snaps do highlight Olly’s trim physique, it looks like there might be some abs about to make an appearance too.


“During the 12 weeks we trained 3 times a week and Olly had 3 weeks where he didn't train,” the personal trainer wrote.

"The tour itself was fantastic and it was great to see Olly improve every night as his strength, fitness, mobility and performance grew. 

This is what it's like to be trained by @rob_solly. Picture taken from @ollymurs new book On The Road out now."

31-year old Olly asked Rob to help him get whipped into shape in the middle of his 50-gig tour that included Europe and Australia. While the tour may have come to an end, Olly is still keen to keep up with his fitness regime.

He posted a video to his Instagram page on Wednesday that showed Rob is still putting him through his paces.


Finding a fitness trainer is a lot like dating, according to exercise specialist, Tony Gentilcore.

There’s a lot more to choosing the right training partner than just going for the person who looks like they have a great body, Tony explained to Women's Health

“Just because somebody looks the part doesn’t mean they’re going to be a good coach and able to articulate exactly how to get the same results."

There are loads of different elements that go into making somebody the ideal trainer for you, so it's a good idea to look into as many of them as possible.

What certifications do you have?

You want to make sure your trainer is legit and has good foundation knowledge of health and fitness. A certification is a must, but a degree in exercise science or a related field is even better.


What's motivated you to become a trainer?

Look for an exercise trainer who chose their job in order to help others, to make the world a healthier place — not someone who just likes to workout.


Do you have experience helping clients work toward my specific goal?

This is important because many trainers work with every single client the same way – the way that they themselves got in shape. And that might not work for you. 

Think of what you want your goal to be and make sure to hire a trainer that will work towards that and only that.


Can you put me in touch with any former clients?

Talking to a trainer’s other clients or reading their testimonials will help you learn what it’s like to work out with them before you fork over your hard-earned cash for your first session. 


What's your training personality like?

Make sure you chat with the trainer enough before hiring them to make sure you’ll work well together. 

“Some people want a drill sergeant who can keep them motivated, but others don’t like having somebody in their face,” says Tony.