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Jesy Nelson has been keeping her love life under wraps after a well publicised split from fiancé Jake Roche in November.

However, the star has now been linked to a brand new beau, Bradley Churchill, by eagle eyed Twitter fans.

The pair were allegedly set up by Jesy's bandmate and bestie Perrie Edwards who is currently dating footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, a close friend of Bradley's.

The two couples are currently in Paris, and were spotted sight seeing at the Louvre.

The group was spotted by fans who took some selfies with the Little Mix singers, and Jesy's new squeeze Bradley uploaded a snap to Instagram.

Who knows, maybe later they will put a love lock on the Pont des Arts bridge!


No matter how much we might want to break the mould, when it comes to break-ups, we generally do the same thing over and over again.

After kissing goodbye to the latest relationship, many of us crawl beneath a duvet, eat our weight in chocolate and only re-emerge if someone mentions the word gin.

And by the sounds of things, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix fame is keen for us to break the cycle.

Commenting on the motivation behind Shout Out To My Ex, she explained that the Little Mix ladies wanted their break-up song to be empowering rather than maudlin.

"When people go through breakups, you automatically want to hear really sad songs," Perrie told E! News.

"You want to listen to Un-Break My Heart and have a little cry, get a tub of ice cream out. "We just thought, 'You know what? Women need to feel empowered," she continued.

"Everybody needs to feel empowered after a breakup and we feel like this song can relate to everyone because everybody’s had an ex."

"We have each other luckily, so we experience everything together and we’ve always got each other’s backs," she said.

In fairness, we could easily listen to Shout Out To My Ex while devouring a tub of Haagen Dazs, so technically everyone's a winner.


After spending months fielding questions over her past relationship with Zayn Malik, it looks like Perrie has thrown the press and public a signal that she has officially moved on.

The Shout Out to My Ex sent the rumour mill into overdrive this week after a source close to the singer revealed that she was growing close to England and Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

"It’s very early days between Perrie and Alex," admitted the insider before acknowledging that there's a definite spark between the pair.

“There’s certainly some chemistry there and they’ve enjoyed spending time together." 

It sounds like Perrie's still feeling pretty fragile following the fall-out from her last high-profile relationship, with the source adding: "After what happened with Zayn, Perrie doesn’t want her love life to become public knowledge."

Owing to this, the new couple have made the decision to avoid certain potential pitfalls which may put the brakes on their burgeoning romance.

“Both are keen to keep the relationship on the down low, they don’t follow each other on social media as they know a connection might give the game away."

23-year-old Perrie has been spotted supporting her new boyfriend at the Arsenal stadium in recent weeks.


OK so we cannot deny the fact that many celebrities look similar (Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice anyone?).

However, this celebrity similarity is just freakish.

Katy Perry and Little Mix member, Perrie Edwards, are literally the same person.

The discovery was made by one of Perrie's fans, when she places a picture of the two stars together, to form one perfectly symmetrical face. 

The pair are virtually identical, even down to their choice of eyeshadow colours. 

The post was uploaded 2 days ago, and has since been liked over 62,000 times.

Fans of the two singers have been losing it, with thousands commenting on the picture. 

"This is TERRIFYING" wrote one fan, while another wrote "these two were switched at birth".



There's nothing that says 'I'm over you' like a number one hit single, and that's exactly how Perrie Edwards dealt with her break-up from Zayn Malik.

But it seems like Zayn's current girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, isn't too happy about it.


A video posted by Little Mix (@littlemix) on

A source told Reveal magazine: "Gigi's asked Zayn to get in touch with Perrie and set up a meeting, just between the two girls, so she can make it clear that she wants her to stop talking about Zayn.

"She feels she's never going to truly get Perrie out of her and Zayn's life until she meets her face-to-face and sorts things out.


A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

"She's really keen to assure Perrie that she wasn't with Zayn when he was still in the relationship with her."

We're all for them sorting things out like adults, but does anyone else think that meeting would be hella awkward?!


It looks like trouble has hit paradise already for Perrie Edwards.

Perrie and former Skins actor Luke Pasqualino have only been dating for a couple of months now, but if social media is anything to go by, the pair are either fighting or have gone their separate ways.

Image result for perrie edwards and luke pasqualino

Eagle-eyed followers spotted that Luke had removed Perrie from Instagram, and it comes after they both failed to attend an event together.

The pair were supposed to make their couple-red-carpet-debut at the Triumph Motorcycles bash in London on October 19, but neither of them arrived at the event.

Whether they've totally called in quits, or are just taking a break we don't know, but Perrie still has a lot to smile about as Little Mix continues to soar into success.

Keep your head up, Perrie!


In the past week, Perrie Edwards has come out with a lot of dirt about her break up with Zayn Malik.

She has admitted that he ended things by TEXT and that she was homeless for about a month after and had to live out of a suitcase.

However, after the Shout Out to My Ex music video came out, fans began to notice that Perrie couldn't help but throw a little sly dig in at Zayn (because, well… We all know the song is ultimately about him).

In one of the scenes, the girls are driving in the desert and they throw their exes things out of the car – and one of those things is a teddy bear.

But not any old teddy bear, nope. It looks like it's the teddy Zayn gave Perrie while they were still together.

And Twitter is absolutely LOVING it:


While it was all dealt with on the quiet back when it happened, it looks like the fall-out from Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik's split was pretty horrendous.

And it's all coming out now.


In addition to learning that her two-year engagement was over by text, Perrie was left without a place to call her own – something she addresses in the Little Mix autobiography.

"After I split with my partner, out of the blue, I had nowhere to go which was incredibly stressful," she wrote. 

"For a while I had no idea what to do. The girls offered to put me up but they didn't really have room. I thought about renting but I've got dogs and cats, so that was no good." Perrie explained.


At the time, the band were promoting Black Magic in the States, and Perrie admits the reality of her situation took a while to sink in.

"While I was in America, things really hit me and I panicked. I realised I was homeless. I was crying every day, dreading coming back."


Perrie pays tribute to her mother and Richard Griffiths – the owner of Modest Management – for helping her to settle into Richard's guest cottage until she and her pets could find a place of their own.

"Thank God for him," Perrie wrote. "I put all my stuff in storage, took my dogs and more or less lived out of a suitcase for a good month and a half."

What'll come out next?!




Having finally gone public with Skins star Luke Pasqualino, it seems Perrie Edwards is finally ready to address some of the lingering questions which surround her last big romance.

Expressing herself through Little Mix’s new book, Our World, the 23-year-old pop star confirmed that Zayn Malik did call off their high profile engagement via text.

Describing the 2015 breakup as the “worst time” of her life, Perrie wrote:  “It was horrible…A four-year relationship, two year engagement ended by a simple text message.”


Cheeky throwback! #wishmakerperfume

A photo posted by Perrie Edwards  (@perrieeele) on

“Just like that.  Even though things in my career were going really well, it was incredibly difficult for me.”

The leaked passage stands in stark contrast with the former One Direction star’s version of events.

Zayn previously told The Fader: “I have more respect for Perrie than to end anything over text message.  I love her a lot, and I always will, and I would never end our relationship over four years like that.”


A photo posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

“She knows that, I know that, and the public should know that as well. I don’t want to explain why or what I did, I just want the public to know I didn’t do that.”

Perrie’s claims have garnered a huge reaction online, with a “PerrieExposedZaynParty” hashtag trending on Twitter.









Yay! We have been waiting on this for a while now. Perrie Edwards is one of our fave gals of the moment, so we're delighted to hear that she has confirmed her relationship with Skins actor Luke Pasqualino.

The pair were spotted packing on the PDA at Little Mix's Leigh-Anne's birthday party, and now Perrie has said that they've been on a few "fun dates" together.


A photo posted by Perrie Edwards  (@perrieeele) on

"It's very early days. We're just seeing how things go really," she told Mail Online.

"We've been on a few fun dates, but that's all there is to it for now.


A photo posted by Perrie Edwards  (@perrieeele) on

"He's really lovely," she added.

Aw! We're delighted for her.


It's been over a year since they called time on their relationship, but it sounds like Perrie Edwards isn't quite ready to forgive and forget if the lyrics to Little Mix's latest track is anything to go by.

In a move which has fans questioning Zayn Malik's skills between the sheets, Perrie appeared to pour scorn on the former One Direction member and his prowess in the boudoir.

"I hope she gettin' better sex, Hope she ain't fakin' it like I did, babe." Perrie sings in Shout Out To My Ex.

And if Little Mix fans needed further evidence that Perrie was having a dig at the Bradford-native who is now in a relationship with Gigi Hadid, one particular lyric looked to mirror their time together.

Appearing to reference the tattoo Zayn had done of his ex girlfriend, Perrie, who was engaged to Zayn for two years, added: "Guess I should say thank you, For the 'hate yous' and the tattoos."

Oh, and in one final sick burn, the 23-year-old sings: "Oh baby I'm cool by the way, Ain't sure I loved you anyway."

The ladies' new single will be released next Sunday.


When Perrie Edwards split with Zayn Malik, it's safe to say it was a very hard time for her.

So when she seemed to move on with Luke Pasqualino, her fans were absolutely delighted for her.

There have been numerous reports over the past couple of months that they broke up and that they went their separate ways, but now it seems they're still together – and just want to keep things low key.

However, they were spotted together a few weeks ago at the popular London nightclub Mahiki, where they were reportedly on a date.

A source told The Mirror Celeb: "She seems to be doing the chasing and even went to Manchester to see him recently where he's filming his new TV show Snatch with Rupert Grint.

"They've only seen each other three or four times since Mahiki, but it's going well.

"They have decided to keep their romance off social media and stay private for a while as they get to know each other," the insider added.