Ryanair pilots offered a pay bump of 22pc if they stay with the airline


Ryanair has been in difficulty in recent months, after hundreds of thousands of passengers were impacted by flight cancellations. 

Now, the airline is offering it's pilots a financial incentive to remain with the budget flight provider. 

The airline has offered its pilots in Stansted a pay and pensions increase of up to €27,000.

Pilots could see increases of 22pc in their pensions. 

This is coupled with an increase of up to 16pc in their take-home pay.

This offer is not without condition – the increase will only remain on the table if pilots agree to negotiate directly with the airline, without the input of worker's unions.

The increases could also be delayed if they are not accepted soon. 

If they are accepted, the pay bumps could come into effect as early as November.