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NOW TV has revealed the Irish public's faves for this Sunday's Academy Awards, and some of them just might surprise you.

While many are speculating that Green Book or Bohemian Rhapsody will take the gong, Ireland's top choice for the Best Picture Award is A Star Is Born, featuring Lady Gaga and directed by and starring Bradley Cooper.

Black Panther is also a dark horse in the category, being the first superhero movie to ever be nominated for the coveted prize.


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In terms of Irish talent, 44 percent of the nation's participants believe that Saoirse Ronan was robbed of a Best Actress Oscar nod (which would be her FOURTH nomination) for Mary, Queen of Scots.

The starred in the film alongside Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth, and many believe her amazing performance deserved the nomination. Her previous category nods include roles in Brooklyn, Lady Bird and Atonement.

20 percent of survery participants said that they will be following the results and outcome on social media, and we suspect many of us will be gaggin' to see the gorgeous couture being donned.

Timothée Chalamet is another reason to watch…Just saying…


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Unsurprisingly, Ireland's choice for Oscar host is the white wine-sipping legend that is Graham Norton. The acerbic wit would be pure gas at the Hollywood event, if his hilarious Eurovision content is anything to go by.

The public voted 64 percent in his favour as host. NOW TV also found that 47 percent of Irish people will be watching the 91st Academy Awards on social media, a highlights reel or the news. 

25 percent of Irish people will wait until the next morning to get the Oscars gossip, rather than the 20 percent who plan to keep updated as the ceremony happens.


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For any Oscars enthusiasts, watching the Academy Awards is easier than ever. NOW TV also calculated Ireland's favourite or most memorable Oscar moments, and they're still scandalous as ever.

The La La Land Best Picture error in 2017 topped the poll as the most memorable Oscar moment, with more than one-third of respondents recalling the horrendous moment that the film was called out as Best Film by MISTAKE, stealing Moonlight's thunder.

Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded selfie was next in line, taking 22 percent of the Irish public's vote.


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In terms of red carpet fashion highlights, 26 percent of participants chose Cher's 1986 bare stomach look with a feathered headpiece as the biggest fashion fail. Bjork's 2001 swan dress with egg laying motion was also a high contender in the faux pas category.

Sacha Baron Cohen appearing as Admiral General Aladeen took 21 percent of the fashion fail vote, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s braless goth look from 2002 had 19 percent of the vote.

Kevin Hart stepped down as Academy Awards host in January after homophobic tweets were revealed and he failed to apologise this year for them, leaving the 2019 Oscars hostless. It's a shame Graham Norton wasn't asked…


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Ellen DeGeneres topped the polls as the most favourable Oscar's host, taking 29 percent of the participants' favourite vote, and Whoopi Goldberg came second with 20 percent. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin had 14 percent of the vote as a comedic duo.

31 percent of Irish people want A Star Is Born to sweep the ceremony, and hope for Gaga to win Best Actress (39 percent) and Bradley Cooper as Best Actor (32 percent). They do have outrageously great chemistry… and he should have gotten the Best Director nod too. I stand by that,

NOW TV have given us the goss, and you can watch the ceremony through their website here.

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Hocus Pocus is one of our absolute favourite Halloween movies – it's been around as long as we have and it's chock-a-block with references for both kids and adults. 

But, have you ever wondered what the infamous Sanderson Sisters would say if they lived in Santry rather than Salem?

Luckily, we don't have to imagine anymore, as comedian and general gas b*tch Enya Martin of Giz a Laugh fame has teamed up with NOW TV to give Hocus Pocus a Dublin twist. 


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Enya gave some authentic Dublin life to the film, making the sisters hide naggins, cook up coddle and crash a house party.

If, after watching the parody, you're craving the real deal, you can catch it now on NOW TV. 

NOW TV is the only online streaming service that lets you watch live pay TV and on-demand shows, box sets, latest movies and exclusive live sports without a contract – so it's  perfect fro a Halloween night in. 




For those of you not familiar with the concept of a 'free pass', it's basically a permission that couples grant each other allowing them to kiss their celebrity crush without it being considered unfaithful.

A fun and cheeky idea that may actually (albeit, not likely) come back to bite you one day – but hey, if Kit Harrington was desperate for a smooch, who are we to deny him.

According to new research conducted by NOW TV, a quarter of Irish would consider giving their partner a 'free pass', with participants even revealing whether they'd shift or drift from certain celebrities.

Rather unsurprisingly, Jamie Dornan took home the crown for the male celebrity most people wanted to shift, with 32 per cent saying they'd use their free pass on the Northern babe.

He was followed closely by Hugh Jackman (15 per cent), while Emma Watson (34 per cent), Sarah Hyland (16 per cent) and Dakota Johnson (14 per cent) were the most desired female celebs.

According to the NOW TV survey, a very open-minded 25% of Irish couples already have a free pass arrangement in place. However, not all would use that for a quickie with their celebrity crush.

Almost a third (30 per cent) of respondents said that if given the chance, they would tell their partner that they are the most stubborn person they know – ouch!

The next most irritating qualities that couples would highlight to their other halves include taking up too much of the bed and being extremely messy. It was also discovered that more women (22 per cent ) than men (14 per cent ) would like to tell their partner they’re too dramatic.

However, it looks like we're still romantics at heart, because while we might be a cynical bunch for the other 364 days of th year, three in four Irish adults say they will mark Valentine’s Day with their other half on February 14th with a romantic dinner or a weekend away (27 per cent each) is considered to be the perfect gift.


Christmas – it’s a time for binging on biscuits, sprouts and box sets. Well, maybe not the sprouts, but when it comes to box sets, movies, documentaries, reality TV, sports and more, there is an absolute feast of Christmas content for you to sink your teeth into.

And while we love Netflix and all, there is a new kid on the block.

NOW TV is the only online streaming service that lets you watch live pay TV and on-demand shows, box sets as well as the latest movies and exclusive live sports without a contract. Perfect as a Christmas present or just as a festive #treatyourself moment.

With that in mind, the gorge folks at NOW TV shared their guide to getting though Christmas:

For quiet time with the family

A night in front of the fire with the family sounds like the perfect winters evening, but really, that’s just because it leads to some much-needed peace and quiet. The NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass has all the latest block buster movies, from Beauty and the Beast, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and The Lego Batman Movie to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as festive favourites and Christmas classics like Love Actually, Frozen and The Polar Express – a super stocking filler that will also buy you some quiet time.

For the day after the 12 pubs

Post-pub shame and a sore head can only be cured by looking at others whose behaviours make you feel better about your own questionable actions. The NOW TV Entertainment Pass is bursting with Box Sets and reality TV shows to give you a laugh and make you feel like an all-round better person. Try an afternoon of back to back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal or snuggle up with Geordie Shore, Just Tattoo of Us and Ex on the Beach for the win!

For coping with the food coma

You know that the amount of food you are going to eat this Christmas is criminal so allow your after-dinner roast potato pot-belly some time to return to its former self by engrossing in comedic crime series Bounty Hunters. If crime doesn’t curb your cravings, indulge in action-packed Box Sets like Band of Brothers or binge your way through St. Stephen’s Day with Big Little Lies, launching on NOW TV on December 26th.

For the sports fanatics!

Grant the sports fan in your life contract-free access to all the sporting action with over 50 matches this Christmas, 25 of which will be Premier League crackers!  Watch out for not-to-be-missed matches like Man City v West Ham, Liverpool v Everton and Man Utd v Man City with the NOW TV Sky Sports Pass.

For the ‘New Year, New Me’ posse

You know the type – inspirational Instagram posts, trolley overflowing with avocados and the new yoga mat buried under a pile of crumpled ‘to-do’ lists. If that sounds like you or anyone you know, then a NOW TV Entertainment Pass (€15 per month) is the ideal gift for Christmas and the New Year. Shake up your chakras and get motivated to take over the world with shows like Delicious, The Tunnel and Sick Note and look forward to brand new shows Britannia and Westworld!   

Whatever tickles your entertainment fancy this Christmas and into 2018, NOW TV has it all. Buy an Entertainment, Sky Cinema or Sky Sports Pass for friends, family or just for yourself, and enjoy endless hours of entertainment with no fuss and no contract.

The Sky Cinema Pass (14 day free trial then €15 per month), Entertainment Pass (14 day free trial then €15 per month) and Sky Sports Pass (€10 Day Pass / €15 Week Pass / €50 Month Pass) are all available to purchase from www.nowtv.com/ie.