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Nasty Gal has launched a collection promoting safe sex, and it is the best thing ever.

The discussion of female pleasure has become more prominent (thank god) as traditional taboos give way to modern day.

It’s time we are more open about sexual health in general as well as specifically for women.

The fashion brand has joined forces with MTV Staying Alive to promote the importance of female pleasure and protected sex.

And what better way to spread awareness then wearing hot and trendy clothes.

The super sexy slogan tees and sweatshirts are already on sale.

MTV Staying Alive is a HIV prevention charity that finds and funds youth-led projects that educate young people globally on HIV and AIDS.  

The two have teamed up to raise money for the cause via proceeds from their new collection.

When you buy a tee or sweat, €5 of the sales from the item will be donated to the charity to help continue the important work they do.  

Saying things like “Wrap it Up”, “Love Sex, Love Yourself”, and “Sex-ed”, these tops are slaying the sexual health game.

MTV Staying Alive’s mission is to educate and empower young people on HIV prevention and to make safe, healthy choices when it comes to sex.

So, let’s keep the good vibes going. Because contrary to parents’ popular belief, abstinence isn’t the only option.

Help us let kids know that if you have sex, you will NOT get chlamydia and die (if confused, please see Mean Girls like a normal human being).

The entire collection can be purchased on Nasty Gal, so add a few to your shopping cart and break the silence surrounding just how amazing sex is.



When we get on the phone to blogger Yasmine Chanel, she's en route to visit relatives in Tunisia, the country with which she shares her Irish heritage. 

The former makeup artist (who has maintained her skills, as her Instagram proves) had just began her journey to the Northwest African country from Dublin, Ireland, where was was busy attending the launch of Nasty Gal's new Autumn/Winter collection. 

Laughing into the phone about her jet set lifestyle ('it's not as glamorous as you think it is,' she assures me), the wanderluster is refreshingly honest with her descriptions of her work, the blogging industry and internet culture, in an industry that often comes with an unshakeable facade of perfection. 


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While Yasmine's styling skills and penchant for influencing are undeniable, she isn't afraid to speak candidly and let her personality and opinions shine just as much as her incredible highlight. 

For those of us (aka all of us) who want a slice of her style guidance, she is adamant that this season, all you need is one particular item to keep you Insta-worthy. 

'I really love anything that Nasty Gal comes out with, it's really like my style, everything is cool and edgy which I think is really different because when it comes to fashion you want to always look cool as well as stylish,' she said.  

'I think for upcoming trends the key piece is a really cool coat, for example Nasty Gal has a really cool trench, it's a leather trench coat with a faux fur collar, and those kind of coats look amazing even dressed own, I like to wear mine with some trainers and skinny jeans.'


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While she hails from the Emerald Isle, as her Irish vocal lilt reveals, Yasmine makes London her home, but was impressed during her time in Dublin with the style standards.

'I'm always in London, but when I came back this year I was really impressed,' she said.

'There are some amazing people in who know how to dress and really have their own style.' 

Speaking of style, Yasmine goes on to detail her love of personal style, but she doesn't have too many people she follows for inspiration – she prefers to act as her own muse.

'I more go for someone's style of photography, because I feel like I have my own style so I don't really save a certain person for inspiration, but I love Terrie McEvoy, and she is so lovely as well. I love when you meet people in the industry and they're so genuine and down to earth.  Her style is more feminine to mine but I really do like how she puts things together.'


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Yasmine began her blog back in 2014, when blogging was taking off in a big way, but we definitely didn't have as many successful online personalities as we do now. 

She admits that while the community has gotten bigger, which is positive, it has led to an added level of competitivity – something she makes a specific effort to eradicate through her blatantly friendliness.

'Sometimes when I go to events it has that little bit of cold energy, but not all the time because there are some amazing girls, but the odd time, I think that people just don't really know whether they should look at you as their rival or something which is silly, so you go up and make the first move just to make it clear that you don't think like that, then they open up.'

'Four years ago when I first started getting into it people were a bit more open and friendly, and then as the years go on people have their own little groups, everyone kind of pairs off, but Ive always been one to be friends with every type of person myself, so sometimes you'll go to an event and people wont interact with you so I'll always go up and hug everyone because i want to make sure that its not going to feel awkward.'


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Speaking of her blog, Yasmine has some key advice for wannabe influencers, many to whom Yasmine, with a jaw dropping 363 thousand Instagram followers, successful blog and highly engaged brand work, must be an inspiration.

'When I started doing this I didn't even know what or how influencers could make money, I didn't even know it could be a job. I love so many aspects of it, I love photography, I love exploring where I am so that inspires me to take photos, I love fashion, I've always loved fashion even when I had no money. To be inspired by doing this job, you have to really love every aspect.' 

The key though – 'being consistent, you really have to be consistent.' 

'Most importantly, you have to be yourself, because if you're not taking photos of what you love, or putting outfits together that you love then you're just copying someone else and that's the first step, a lot of bloggers kind of copy each other or they try to recreate things and I don't think you should do that because people will see that its not genuine.'


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While Yasmine can make a living from her influencing now, her level of professionalism in the industry was a long time coming, and when she began, she certainly wasn't taking herself too seriously.

While her outfits are absolutely killer, and her undeniably charming personality surely sealed the deal for many who look to her for inspiration, Yasmine started her digital taste making voyage for sheer kicks. 

'I think that you need to not look at it too seriously when you're starting out, just keep it as your hobby and as something you enjoy doing while doing whatever else, and if you start to get noticed and start to get brands naturally and organically trying to approach you, then you can take it a bit more seriously.'

'That's what I did, I was just working in London as a makeup artist and I only did that part time and I was doing this too, and I didn't know I could get paid for this so I was just posting things, really enjoying interacting with people and I was getting interaction from other women who loved my style so it motivated me to post more, and then I started to get brands interested and then I was like wow, I can make money from this, so I started to do it more seriously and it grew from there,' she expressed. 

'So when people want to get in to it, they shouldn't look into it as a job, you have to enjoy doing it first, and being natural, being yourself, getting your own personality across. Theres nothing worse when you see someone, they haven't even grown any following but they're kind of getting angry that they're not getting noticed, but it takes so much time to get noticed. You have to be patient with it,' she finished. 


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When we look to our favourite influencers, women like Yasmine who are placed on an online pedestal, it can be easy to assume that they live charmed, perfectly lit lives through which their work just occurs with ease. 

However, that's not the case, with influencing being a demanding job, Yasmine highlights – 'Taking photos is not that easy because you have people who are really small minded who see you taking pictures and they think you just love yourself or they don't realise that you're doing this for your job – or you'll have annoying men try to hit on you when you're trying to take photos.'

'Also, sometimes you just don't want to be online but you have to as you have to post things for brands, so that's also difficult when you also just want to hibernate from the internet, but with this job you cant, you always have to be on the 'gram.'


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While we're on the topic of the challenges of being a blogger, through anecdotes the conversation turns, as it so often has done in Ireland over the past few months, to Bloggers Unveiled. 

Yasmine, having based herself in the UK, went unscathed by the virtual claws of the page, and hadn't even heard of the anti-influencer's impact on the industry here. 

Once filled in, Yasmine's disgust and outpouring of support for the Irish blogging community was tangible: 'That sounds really petty. It annoys me because it's like why do people care so much? I wouldn't look at myself and say that im a shallow person because Instagram is just one aspect of who you are as a person, and I try and show my personality on my Instagram story. I don't understand why people hate so much.'


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Showing her feminist credentials, she went on: 'People should actually be celebrating that success for people who are really creative, because those people are finding ways to make a living.'

'I feel that this is what I'm meant to do right now because I could never stay at a normal job, and I really respect people who can, but even before influencing I just couldn't do it. I always felt that I had to do something more creative and I think that's why I love doing it, and I think people should respect that.' 

'There's two types of people in the influencing industry, people who are creative and people who copy, and I think that's the difference.' Hear, hear Yasmine.  


The wonderful summer sunshine is fading as cool breezes and rain showers take it's place.

Which means one thing – it is finally time to put away our bright-coloured sundresses and break out our favourite autumn clothes, layer by layer.

Filled with hope of an exciting season, we don’t know what the next stage of our lives will bring.

And thanks to Nasty Gal we don’t have to.

These girls are already thinking ahead of the fashion curve and have everything you need to make your mark this fall.

Whether your style incorporates savage, snakeskin prints or sports cool, classy tones, this collection has clothes that all of us can go wild for.

This season’s line could not look more fabulous on the gorgeous Chloe Lloyd.

Each chic piece of the new collection reflects the fashionista’s fierce style and sets trends that are all the rage for the upcoming A/W season.

Chloe is a symbol of feminine beauty and power with her dynamic career in the modelling industry, making her the perfect representative for Nasty Gal’s bada** mantra.

The beautiful model cannot get enough of the new collection and tried to narrow down her favourite pieces.

"The leopard print two piece & the denim jumpsuit are such good dress up dress down pieces. Throw them on with a trainer or a heel and you’re good to go. Same with the white dress, everything from the collection is so versatile and perfect for an end of summer vibe."

The model was over the moon when she was offered the opportunity to curate her own edit with Nasty Gal, and we are so grateful she accepted.

Because all of these clothes are must-haves for your autumn wardrobe, especially this denim, boiler jumpsuit.

And don’t even get us started on these stunning, white cowboy boots!

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping. What better way to spend your leftover, summer holiday money?

The best part is…there’s even more irresistible outfits on the way. Stay tuned for a second drop next week.


Netflix has been killing it with its amazing range of Original series.

Now, Netflix has developed a series based on Sophia Amoruso’s best selling book, #GIRLBOSS.

The new series focuses on the Nasty Gal founder's rise to retail success, and is set to be a witty and edgy portrayal of Sophia's life. 


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While Nasty Gal may be under new ownership, Sophia's legacy as documented her book is being immortalised in the series.

Starting off selling thrift store finds on eBay, the entrepreneur quickly finds that there is more to be achieved by selling her own creations, and Nasty Gal is born. 

The show premiers on April 21, and we can't wait to binge watch it!




After many rumours and months of negotiations, Boohoo has landed ownership of Nasty Gal.

The finalisation of the sale to boohoo.com was made today, and if you're worried about the style of Nasty Gal changing, fear not, because a core team of original NG employees will be based out of LA to "ensure the DNA of the brand remains."


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Throughout the years, Nasty Gal became popular for offering distinctive style of both modern and vintage pieces, and after the rise of former CEO Sophia Amoruso, we all fell in love with the quirky fashion site.

Boohoo believes that bringing NG to its group will offer customers something different, and the company is going to grow worldwide because of it.  


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NG will continue to offer a range of clothing, shoes and accessories under its own label, and there are already plans to design exclusive collections for later this year.

Boohoo Group Joint CEO and interim CEO for Nasty Gal, Carol Kane said: “We are thrilled to have Nasty Gal as part of our family, and are excited by the opportunity to expand the company into international markets.


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"This is a distinctive brand with a fiercely loyal customer base, and we are committed to preserving that as we move forward into a new chapter.”

We're looking forward to seeing what Boohoo will bring to one of our fave brands.



One of our favourite online vintage stores, Nasty Gal is apparently filing for bankruptcy.

According to Recode, sources close to Sophia Amoruso say that she is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, in order to reorganise the business.

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But that's not the only bad news, as founder Sophia is said to be resigning as executive chairwoman, and the company director Danny Rimmer is also going to step down.

It's reported that Nasty Gal conducted a number of lay-offs both this year and last year. As well as that, the company has been the target of various lawsuits from previous employees.

Image result for nasty gal

Sophia blasted into the mainstream when she wrote the book Girl Boss, which documented her journey from selling clothes in eBay, to running the vintage powerhouse.

It's a sad day for all Nasty Gals around the world.



Taylor Swift looked stunning at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday in her Balmain jumpsuit from the spring/summer 2015 collection.

However, not everybody knew it was Balmain and the whole thing got very awkward.

Fashion retailer Nasty Gal has taken credit for the outfit because they have an almost identical piece.

They posted a picture to social media of Tay on the red carpet and told their followers she was wearing their jumpsuit.

Not surprisingly, the piece quickly sold out because we're sure it cost A LOT less than the Balmain one which cost thousands. 

However, the post was then deleted after people were pointing out the mistake.

The Fashion Law said: "We can certainly conclude one of two things. Either Nasty Gal is so good at copying other brands' garments stitch-for-stitch that even its employees cannot tell the difference between the real thing and the copy, or Nasty Gal knew that Swift was wearing Balmain and was using this opportunity to sell one of its near exact copies."

Balmain have announced a collaboration with H&M which was announced by members of the Balmain Army, including Kendall and Kylie Jenner who were also wearing Balmain on the night.