Nasty Gal has launched a collection promoting safe sex, and it is the best thing ever.

The discussion of female pleasure has become more prominent (thank god) as traditional taboos give way to modern day.

It’s time we are more open about sexual health in general as well as specifically for women.

The fashion brand has joined forces with MTV Staying Alive to promote the importance of female pleasure and protected sex.

And what better way to spread awareness then wearing hot and trendy clothes.

The super sexy slogan tees and sweatshirts are already on sale.

MTV Staying Alive is a HIV prevention charity that finds and funds youth-led projects that educate young people globally on HIV and AIDS.  

The two have teamed up to raise money for the cause via proceeds from their new collection.

When you buy a tee or sweat, €5 of the sales from the item will be donated to the charity to help continue the important work they do.  

Saying things like “Wrap it Up”, “Love Sex, Love Yourself”, and “Sex-ed”, these tops are slaying the sexual health game.

MTV Staying Alive’s mission is to educate and empower young people on HIV prevention and to make safe, healthy choices when it comes to sex.

So, let’s keep the good vibes going. Because contrary to parents’ popular belief, abstinence isn’t the only option.

Help us let kids know that if you have sex, you will NOT get chlamydia and die (if confused, please see Mean Girls like a normal human being).

The entire collection can be purchased on Nasty Gal, so add a few to your shopping cart and break the silence surrounding just how amazing sex is.