How long does it really take to get over a relationship?


Ugh – break ups are just the WORST. THINGS. EVER. And the getting over it and moving on stage isn’t much better. We wish it only lasted a couple of days – or even a couple of weeks – but no, a 2009 study found that it takes about 18 months to get over a failed relationship. However, this obviously doesn’t apply to everyone. We don’t think there really is a set amount of time in which you are officially over it and ready to start afresh. You just gotta ride that wave out in your PJs or your ex’s old t-shirt, and make sure you have your pockets stuffed with tissues along the way.

A Chicago-based cartoonist called Corinne Mucha has a new autobiographical graphic novel out called Get Over It!, and it’s filled with perfectly honest comics about dealing with heart break.

We love it.