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Ugh – break ups are just the WORST. THINGS. EVER. And the getting over it and moving on stage isn’t much better. We wish it only lasted a couple of days – or even a couple of weeks – but no, a 2009 study found that it takes about 18 months to get over a failed relationship. However, this obviously doesn’t apply to everyone. We don’t think there really is a set amount of time in which you are officially over it and ready to start afresh. You just gotta ride that wave out in your PJs or your ex’s old t-shirt, and make sure you have your pockets stuffed with tissues along the way.

A Chicago-based cartoonist called Corinne Mucha has a new autobiographical graphic novel out called Get Over It!, and it’s filled with perfectly honest comics about dealing with heart break.

We love it.



Trying to pick yourself up after a bad break-up may seem impossible, but while things are crap now, they will get better.

You should also keep in mind that the guy was a jerk anyway. Remember when he used to do that really annoying thing? Exactly.

To get you on the road to recovery, we’ve come up with some top tips to help you get over your ex.

Rule 1: Let it out

If that means crying in front of a close friend, do it. You’ll feel much better and you’ll be less likely to have an episode of hysterical crying on the bus.

Rule 2: Keep busy

You might not be feeling very social, but the busier you are, the less time you have to think about your ex. Oh well, you’ll just have to organise another night of cocktails with the girls.

Rule 3: Remove, block and delete

Having access to his social media pages will do more damage than good. If you remove him from your Friends/Followers/etc, you’ll be less tempted to check up and see what he is up to or even worse, contact him.