Our top 10 moments from The X Factor


It's time to start getting excited about this weekend's X Factor finale! 

To celebrate another winner, we had a look back at some of our favourite moments! It was so hard to choose but hopefully some of your most memorable bits are in here:

1. Ablisa have a serious BFF showdown on stage
Wonder if they are still pals? 

2. Ant and Seb take on Peter Andre
The only cover of Mysterious Girl you'll ever need

3. The infamous water scene
To be fair, he deserved it!

4. Ariel…
Was anyone else terrified she was going to come through the TV?!

5. Rylan's ridiculous reaction
Oh, come on!

6. That time Harry Styles was a very naughty boy…
Think of all the WHAT he is going to get?! Bold. 

7. Sharon bashes her head against the door

8. Fag ash breath
Smokers are jokers Tulisa

9. That time Cheryl trolled this poor woman!
"You'd be a great preacher"

10. When Sharon actually realised what Busted's lyrics were saying