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Charlotte Crosby has no time for negative press when it comes to her love life.

The Geordie Shore star has been dating Max Morley for two months now, and says she couldn't care less what the papers have to say about him.

Which is a relief, because not all of the comments about the Love Island winner have been kind – in particular, fans have criticised the fact that he made a move on Charlotte so soon after her split from Mitch Jenkins back in September. 

"Max is a really good looking boy. Anyone I meet, they’re going to say they’re fame-hungry," Charlotte said in defence of her new man during an interview with OK! magazine.

"What am I meant to do? Not be with anyone for the rest of my life?"

Less than two weeks after Charlotte publicly confirmed that it was over between herself and Mitch, she was papped leaving London nightclub Chinawhite with Max in tow.

Indeed, the 24-year-old seemed intent on showing Mitch what he was missing, stopping numerous times to kiss Max in front of the cameras.

Charlotte and Mitch dated on-and-off for over two years before splitting again this year.

"I think that's it now," Charlotte told KISS FM in September of the relationship's end.

As for her other fan-favourite romance with Gary Beadle – who she has hooked up with numerous times during Geordie Shore's run – the reality star says the pair simply never had staying power.

"Gary is Gary. We’d never be together because we’d never suit. But we’ll always have that thing, it’s Charlotte and Gary, it’s never going to go away.

"It’s going to haunt us for the rest of our lives."


Eight months after getting back together, on-off couple Charlotte Crosby and Mitch Jenkins have called it quits. And speaking to reporters this week, Charlotte says things are over once and for all this time.

"I haven't announced it England yet, but we've split up," the Geordie Shore star told Australian radio station Hit 92.9. "I just need to cool things off, so I got back from Greece and I finished things and we haven't been back together ever since. I think that's it now."

Charlotte and Mitch originally split last November, but reunited in early January, much to the disappointment of many of Charlotte's fans who felt the couple's rocky past was a sign that they should stay apart.

And now it seems Charlotte has listened to their advice, as she admits she got cold feet about a long-term future with her man. "Me and Mitch were supposed to be moving in together and I was going to move down to London with him and I then realised that wasn't the place I wanted to be, and I didn't want to leave my mum and I didn't want to leave my family and I think the commitment made us take a couple of steps back," she explained.

"I thought is this really going to work and is this really what I want for the rest of my life?"

Whatever happened, we hope nobody ended things by text this time around. After her first split from Mitch back in November, a devastated Charlotte revealed that her boyfriend of 18 months had ended things with a single text message.

"I was meant to be calling him at 9pm. And I just got a message on my phone saying ‘Charlotte, it’s obvious you don’t want to be with me anymore, so i’ll just cut the bullsh** and I’ll finish things now."

As for the 'M' tattoo which was the result of a drunken night out back in February, the newly single 25-year-old says she plans on having it removed as she "didn't like it anyway."

Speaking about her new inking earlier this year, Charlotte said it was definitely a "regret," adding, "I was still a bit p****d from the night before and was trying to show off."

Wonder what she'll get instead?


It looks like there may be trouble in paradise for Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby and her beau Mitch Jenkins.

The on/off again couple reunited earlier this year after five months apart. While the 25-year-old Geordie had big plans to move in with Mitch, she has admitted that she might not go through with it… Something that she has yet to tell him herself!


A photo posted by @charlottegshore on

“I’m going to put it on hold – but I haven’t told Mitch yet,” the former CBB winner revealed.

“I’m not sure if I want to move my life down south. I have no one down there, as all my family and friends are up north," she told Star Magazine

The news comes after Charlotte had revealed that they had begun house hunting together.


Sometimes I cradle him like a He deserves it

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The reality TV star admitted that things aren’t the best in their relationship at the moment.

“We need to spend some proper time together to be able to say things are amazing, but it’s fine.”

“Fine”? Ouch!

We can’t imagine Mitch is going to be too happy reading about this! 


Since shedding a significant amount of weight and dropping from a size 16 to a size 8, Charlotte Crosby has loved showing off her newly-slim physique. 

But the Geordie Shore star last night raised the bar; by posting a seemingly naked shot of her and her boyfriend, Mitch Jenkins, lying in bed together.

Saving her modesty is her beau's arm – which is strategically wrapped around her bust-line.

Significantly, the 25-year-old didn't caption the image, although fans were quick to offer their own commentary. 

"Too much," declared one, while another simply said: "Nope."

And although her rapid weight-loss was been criticised, Charlotte said this week that she's very happy with her figure.

Speaking to Closer magazine, she said: "I like being called too skinny. It's better than being called too fat! I know I'm not too skinny and I've lost weight healthily.

"It doesn't bother me what people say."

At 5ft 6in, the star now weighs 8st 7lbs, down from her previous weight of 11st.

Earlier this year, Charlotte and Mitch denied rumours that they were engaged. Mitch had taken to her girlfriend's Twitter account, jokingly posting: "OMG I SAID YES," along with ring and bride emojis. 

The pair were inundated with messages of congratulations before the situation was cleared up: "Soooooooooooo don't ever let you Boyfriend get your phone when your drunk," she said. "I'm not engaged."

The pair dated for 18 months before splitting last September. However, they reunited a few months later and been together since.



Charlotte Crosby's boyfriend Mitch Jenkins has never been shy when it comes to revealing the deepest darkest secrets of their relationship – and now Charlotte's got her own back.

Mitch is well known for posting embarrassing tweets about poor Charlotte, including this one a few weeks ago where he busted her for peeing in the bed after a night out:

Charming. Just over a month ago, he also posted this picture of a totally naked Charlotte asleep in a hotel room:

Now though, Charlotte totally has the upper hand after she decided it was time to share a "cheeky" snap of Mitch with the world. 

Before getting into bed last night, the Geordie Shore star posted this snap of Mitch lying face-down across the mattress, with his bum on show, captioning it "1st Gotta move Mr naked vertical.So I can actually get in the bed, hope I don't get accidentally c*ck slapped":

Loving the choice of emojis, Charlotte. Win.

Charlotte got back together with Mitch the beginning of this year, just six months after he reportedly dumped her "by text" just before she headed into the Geordie Shore house for filming.

​The couple put their differences behind them in January and confirmed their reunion with a series of couple selfies from their holiday in New York.

Wonder if their relationship can survive #bumgate, though?!


Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby had fans wondering if a break-up might be on the cards yesterday, but now she's doing her best to set the record straight.

The reality star reunited with her ex-boyfriend Mitch Jenkins earlier this year, but she took to Twitter yesterday to share a cryptic tweet which many took to be a sign the pair had broken up again:

However anyone following Charlotte on SnapChat got treated to a very different side of the story, as Charlotte shared a number of cosy couple selfies on her feed last night, proving that he and Mitch are very much ON.

The couple seem to be doing well since getting back together following their split in September – so well, in fact, that they fooled fans into thinking they were engaged last month:

Whatever their marital status, we're glad to see Charlotte and Mitch aren't over – though we're still wondering what that tweet was all about…



Charlotte Crosby has had a year of ups and downs when it comes to her love life.

Last September the Geordie Shore star revealed her boyfriend of a year and a half, Mitch Jenkins, had dumped her… by text. The couple reunited last month – much to the disappointment of some of Char's fans – but they do seem to be back on solid ground again, even taking a couple's holiday to New York together in January.

However Charlotte has revealed she has a serious regret to do with her relationship – the tattoo she got in Mitch's honour in Australia just a couple of weeks ago.

The 24-year-old woke up with more than a hangover after a night out with Sydney, revealing to fans that she had gotten a Valentine's Day tattoo with the letter 'M' for Mitch. At the time Charlotte seemed happy enough with her decision, posting a picture of her new ink with the caption, "Happy valentines……..M #YoungStupidAndVeryCrazyInlove"

After a few weeks to mull things over though, it seems Charlotte is already regretting her choice.

"I decided to get an 'M' on my arm for Mitch," she told Star magazine.

"My friends didn't think I'd do it, so I thought, 'F**k it – I'll prove them wrong!' But I regret it already. I was still a bit p****d from the night before and was trying to show off." 

Whatever about her worries, Charlotte already has a number of tattoos, including a large intricate rose design on her upper thigh á la Cheryl Cole:

So this new tatt is just another one for the collection!



Given how often they’re on and off, we wonder if she’ll live to regret this decision.

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby must be feeling particularly loved-up this Valentine’s Day, because she has just shared a very public, very permanent tribute to her boyfriend, Mitch Jenkins.

The 24-year-old reality star, who previously revealed how her on-off boyfriend dumped her via text message, has gone under the needle for a tattoo of Mitch’s initial.

Taking to Instagram to show off her new ink, Charlotte posted a picture of two arrows with the letter ‘M’ on top, with the caption reading: “Happy Valentine’s….M.”

She added in the hashtag ‘Young, stupid and very crazy in love’. We get the feeling that she knows this might not have been the smartest move yet!

Indeed, a number of her Instagram followers expressed their shock and dismay over getting a tattoo in honour of the man who broke her heart not so long ago.

“Please tell me this is a Tumblr pic and she’s pretending it’s her tattoo,” wrote on follower, while another branded it a "stupid, stupid decision".

It looks pretty legitimate to us! Here’s hoping their romance lasts this time around, or Charlotte could be stuck with a very long-lasting reminder of Mitch!


Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has never been one to speak delicately, and she's definitely been very honest about the reasons behind her decision to lose weight and get fit.

The 24-year-old embarked on a six month diet and fitness regime last year, and she has so far dropped two and a half stone, going from a size 16 to a size 10.

Charlotte says her motivation to lose weight came after she saw pictures of herself on the beach in Marbella last summer and felt she had embarrassed her boyfriend at the time, Mitch Jenkins, who she split from in November.

"I felt like I let Mitch down. You know what lads are like – all his mates would say: 'Look at Mitch's girlfriend'", she told OK! magazine. "What boyfriend wants to say they're going out with the Michelin Man?"

The reality star also admitted she never felt "sexy" in bed before, something which has changed now. "I'd become so self-conscious about my big body and hated my big belly," she said. 'I'd keep my top on during sex, but now I'll whip everything off."

As well as a gruelling gym regime, much of Charlottes's progress is simply down to a healthier diet. "I can't believe how much junk food I used to eat. I'd have seven takeaways a week, but at the weekend I could eat four in a day, plus 15-20 drinks," she said.

We're delighted to see Charlotte looking so happy, but we hope she knows beauty comes from the inside too!