Reality star feels she let her boyfriend down by gaining weight

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has never been one to speak delicately, and she's definitely been very honest about the reasons behind her decision to lose weight and get fit.

The 24-year-old embarked on a six month diet and fitness regime last year, and she has so far dropped two and a half stone, going from a size 16 to a size 10.

Charlotte says her motivation to lose weight came after she saw pictures of herself on the beach in Marbella last summer and felt she had embarrassed her boyfriend at the time, Mitch Jenkins, who she split from in November.

"I felt like I let Mitch down. You know what lads are like – all his mates would say: 'Look at Mitch's girlfriend'", she told OK! magazine. "What boyfriend wants to say they're going out with the Michelin Man?"

The reality star also admitted she never felt "sexy" in bed before, something which has changed now. "I'd become so self-conscious about my big body and hated my big belly," she said. 'I'd keep my top on during sex, but now I'll whip everything off."

As well as a gruelling gym regime, much of Charlottes's progress is simply down to a healthier diet. "I can't believe how much junk food I used to eat. I'd have seven takeaways a week, but at the weekend I could eat four in a day, plus 15-20 drinks," she said.

We're delighted to see Charlotte looking so happy, but we hope she knows beauty comes from the inside too!