We cannot believe what Charlotte Crosby just shared on Twitter


Charlotte Crosby's boyfriend Mitch Jenkins has never been shy when it comes to revealing the deepest darkest secrets of their relationship – and now Charlotte's got her own back.

Mitch is well known for posting embarrassing tweets about poor Charlotte, including this one a few weeks ago where he busted her for peeing in the bed after a night out:

Charming. Just over a month ago, he also posted this picture of a totally naked Charlotte asleep in a hotel room:

Now though, Charlotte totally has the upper hand after she decided it was time to share a "cheeky" snap of Mitch with the world. 

Before getting into bed last night, the Geordie Shore star posted this snap of Mitch lying face-down across the mattress, with his bum on show, captioning it "1st Gotta move Mr naked vertical.So I can actually get in the bed, hope I don't get accidentally c*ck slapped":

Loving the choice of emojis, Charlotte. Win.

Charlotte got back together with Mitch the beginning of this year, just six months after he reportedly dumped her "by text" just before she headed into the Geordie Shore house for filming.

​The couple put their differences behind them in January and confirmed their reunion with a series of couple selfies from their holiday in New York.

Wonder if their relationship can survive #bumgate, though?!