Geordie Shore star shocks fans with engagement news


Charlotte Crosby announced on Twitter last night that she was engaged to be married to her boyfriend Mitch.

Fans were shocked and there was a very mixed reaction to the star’s news given that the couple have only recently reunited after a bad break-up documented on Geordie Shore.

It didn’t take long for the truth to come out though with Charlotte later tweeting: “Sooooooo don’t ever let you [sic] Boyfriend get your phone when your drunk. I’m not engaged and believe me he will be punished today.”

Charlotte was then inundated with congratulations from stars such as TOWIE’s Sam Faiers and her co-star Ricci Guarnaccio as she embarrassingly explained to them that the engagement was in fact, a lie. Oops!

Another of Charlotte’s co-star, James made the very good point that Mitch ‘must be thinking’ about engagement to pull such a stunt.

Hmm, we have to say we agree with him, watch out Geordie Shore fans – there may be  REAL engagement soon!