Reality star angers fans with Valentine’s Day tribute tattoo


Given how often they’re on and off, we wonder if she’ll live to regret this decision.

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby must be feeling particularly loved-up this Valentine’s Day, because she has just shared a very public, very permanent tribute to her boyfriend, Mitch Jenkins.

The 24-year-old reality star, who previously revealed how her on-off boyfriend dumped her via text message, has gone under the needle for a tattoo of Mitch’s initial.

Taking to Instagram to show off her new ink, Charlotte posted a picture of two arrows with the letter ‘M’ on top, with the caption reading: “Happy Valentine’s….M.”

She added in the hashtag ‘Young, stupid and very crazy in love’. We get the feeling that she knows this might not have been the smartest move yet!

Indeed, a number of her Instagram followers expressed their shock and dismay over getting a tattoo in honour of the man who broke her heart not so long ago.

“Please tell me this is a Tumblr pic and she’s pretending it’s her tattoo,” wrote on follower, while another branded it a "stupid, stupid decision".

It looks pretty legitimate to us! Here’s hoping their romance lasts this time around, or Charlotte could be stuck with a very long-lasting reminder of Mitch!