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Hands up if you totally love when brands team up with Disney to make an extra special collection.

*Throws hands in the air immediately*

Seriously, whether it's pyjamas or furniture, there is nothing we love more than a super magical Disney collaboration.

The latest folks to team up with the wonderful world of Disney? Kiehls – one of our all-time favourite skincare brands.

Each of the four gorgeous new items in the Disney x Kiehl’s collection will feature Mickey Mouse on the packaging (so pretty!)

Of course, that means the always-luxurious Kiehl’s products will be even more adorable than usual!

But wait, there's more – 100 percent of net proceeds (up to $100,00) from each item will also help benefit charity, namely Feeding America.

The collection will officially launch on November 2nd, but we're to give you a special sneak peak. 

You're welcome. 







Listen, we recognise that there are loads of important things happening in the world at the moment- from Mr Trump's ongoing issues, to the chaos of Brexit.

But sometimes we just want to read something that will put a smile on our face – and that is what we're here to do.

Public Service Announcement: you can now officially purchase rose gold Minnie Mouse ears, and we are super happy about it. 

Thanks to the wonderful people at Disney, some people can take their Millennial pink game to a whole new level.

The gorgeous, Instagram-worthy, ears are practically tailor-made for social media, and they are covered in tiny sequins and topped with a metallic bow. 

And while we appreciate that these ears won't save the world, and are not really that important – we love them, and that's all that matters. 

People all over the Internet have been going absolutely mad for them also, with countless social media users sharing snaps of the magical ears.

Even Sabrina Carpenter, from Disney’s Girl Meets World, took to Instagram to show off her glitzy Minnie ears.


missing @caylanicollehair @wdwbestdayever

A post shared by Sabrina Carpenter (@sabrinacarpenter) on

However, for the moment the ears are only available across the pond – at either California’s Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World in Florida, according to the official Disney Style blog.

HOWEVER, we reckon they'll make their way over to us in the next few months.

Fingers crossed!


One of the world's most-loved celebrity couples may be on the rocks, after pictures were leaked of what appears to be the latest Hollywood cheating scandal. 

Pictures recently taken at Disney World Resort in Orlando, show Minnie Mouse engaging in a kiss with fellow character Goofy, with an innocent Mickey looking on at the couple. 

Disney fans took to Twitter to express their 'outrage' in HILARIOUS tweets after an onlooker spotted the couple smooching – while Mickey watched from the shadows.

The original tweet that sparked the uproar on Twitter now has over 65,000 likes and 53,000 retweets. 

After the tweet, which quickly went viral, many Disney fans came forward to weigh in with their own thoughts on the scandal. 

A number of Goofy related puns ensued, with many tweets describing Minnie's cheating as "goofing around"


Other fans were showing their support for Mr Mouse at this hard time, describing Minnie as "unfaithful" and "a fool."


While the status of the couple is currently unknown, we do hope that Mickey and Minnie can get through this rough patch. 

We contacted Minnie, Mickey and  Goofy, but they refused to comment on the scandal. 




There are plenty of viral proposals out there, but YouTuber Jehan Ratnatunga’s is definitely our favourite by far.

Jehan wanted to propose to his girlfriend Vish in the most magical way possible. So what better way, than by wearing a Mickey Mouse costume whilst dancing to some of her favourite tunes.

Jehan showed off his moves to Beyoncé and even some Bollywood tunes, before he finally popped the question to Vish.

Of course Vish said yes. But what we want to know is how are they going to top their big day after this?