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Do you ever surprise yourself by how excited you get over adult things? 

'Ooooh, washing detergent is on sale' or 'OMG, look at that gorgeous toaster!'

Well, there's no shame in it ladies, we're all adults, and proud of it! 

However, we do love when our adult life meets our childhood somewhere in the middle.

Which is exactly why we're SO excited to show you the latest home offering from Penneys – in the form of Minnie Mouse sat and pepper shakers. 

Yep, you read that right!

The best part? The shakers are, of course, super affordable, at just 5 quid per pair. 

We're actually not worthy. 

If you can't pick up a set in store, fear not!

You can also get your hands on some from Ebay, but you should be ready to pay more, as they're a hot commodity. 

Penneys are constantly rolling out fabulous Disney home decor, and we couldn't be more grateful. 



Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean our shopping tendencies are.

Primark just came out with a line of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse bags that are too darling for WORDS.

These accessories are perfect for Disney fans young and old.

The girly Minnie Mouse bag is a mere €10, and its sweet backpack companion also comes in at €10.


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Shopping trip to Penneys, anyone?

On the sleeker side, they're selling an adorable black Mickey Mouse backpack.

We can't get over how cute those little ears poking over the back are!

And the price tag may be the best part, with the bag going for just €16. We will be adding one of these to our wardrobes IMMEDIATELY.


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Penneys' Disney line is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

We absolutely can't wait to get these bags!

They'll make everywhere the happiest place on earth.



Here at Shemazing HQ, there are few things we love more than a good Disney collab – then again, who doesn't?

From luxury skincare to cosy pyjamas, our Christmas wish lists are almost at capacity, but after having a glance at Kate Spade's latest collection, we think we might have room for just a few more things.

Back by popular demand, this year's Kate Spade New York for Minnie Mouse collection is bigger and better than ever.

Featuring everything from tote bags and purses to earrings and phone covers, the new range has excited fashion and Disney lovers alike.

Here's some of our favourite pieces:

Minnie Mouse Minnie Maise – $258 (€222)

Applique Folio iphone 7/8 Case – $85 (€73)

Minnie Mouse Mini Pendant – $58 (€49)

Minnie Mouse Meema – $328 (€282)

Minnie Mouse Minnie Coin Purse – $88 (€75)

Minnie Mouse Francis – $198 (€170)

We know what you're thinking – you want it all, right?

Well, you better better be quick.

Last year's collection sold out in record time and it look like lots of eager shoppers already have their eyes on the prize.

You can shop the full collection at katespade.com.


Nothing is more satisfying than seeing two of your favourite things coming together!

Image result for sephora x disney

In this case, Sephora (makeup gods) have collaborated with Disney to create a beautiful Disney-inspired collection. 

Now, before I go any further, it is important to note that this is not a new collection… which means it is currently ON SALE (hence my excitement). 

Related image

Anywho, the collaboration is made up of some of the loveliest makeup sets I have ever laid eyes on (still love you, Urban Decay). 

Image result for sephora x disney

The crown jewel of this masterpiece is definitely the eyeshadow palette, that comes in a GORGEOUS black and gold clutch-like bag. 

Image result for sephora minnie mouse

The set contains 16 vibrant colours, all with individual names such as "Be My Bow" and "Miss Minnie".  

Did we mention that this makeup treat is on SALE?

Image result for sephora minnie mouse

That's right ladies, this gorgeous palette will set you back just €26, which is AMAZING. 

I've ordered mine already… no regrets. 


One of the world's most-loved celebrity couples may be on the rocks, after pictures were leaked of what appears to be the latest Hollywood cheating scandal. 

Pictures recently taken at Disney World Resort in Orlando, show Minnie Mouse engaging in a kiss with fellow character Goofy, with an innocent Mickey looking on at the couple. 

Disney fans took to Twitter to express their 'outrage' in HILARIOUS tweets after an onlooker spotted the couple smooching – while Mickey watched from the shadows.

The original tweet that sparked the uproar on Twitter now has over 65,000 likes and 53,000 retweets. 

After the tweet, which quickly went viral, many Disney fans came forward to weigh in with their own thoughts on the scandal. 

A number of Goofy related puns ensued, with many tweets describing Minnie's cheating as "goofing around"


Other fans were showing their support for Mr Mouse at this hard time, describing Minnie as "unfaithful" and "a fool."


While the status of the couple is currently unknown, we do hope that Mickey and Minnie can get through this rough patch. 

We contacted Minnie, Mickey and  Goofy, but they refused to comment on the scandal. 



With Halloween just around the corner, many of us are scrambling to get a good costume together. 

But you might hit the dilemma of what to dress up as. Traditional costumes are fine; you'll always get away with a vampire, witch or a devil. 

And then sometimes you come across costumes that aren't so great and are SO over-done they've just become basic and boring.

Avoid these get-ups at all costs:


It was in about five years ago. It's NOT in anymore. 


Cat ears

Could you get anymore basic?!


Minnie Mouse

We're SO over this one.



Last year, everyone in the world dressed up as a Minion. You can do better.


School girl

You can come up with something more imaginative than that!