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We have said goodbye to some of our favourite Grey’s Anatomy characters over the years but it never gets easier. We sobbed when Yang left, cried like babies when Mark passed away and honestly thought our hearts were broken when Derek died.

We have recently said goodbye to fan favourites Arizona Robbins and April Kepner, but could one of them be returning to the show?

Ahead of the new season of Grey’s Anatomy, showrunner Krista Vernoff teased the possible return of a major character and we’ve been scratching our heads about who it could be ever since.

Vernoff spilled the news in an interview with TVLine, “I'm trying to get someone back.”

She added, "There's someone I'm hoping will make an appearance this year, [but] it's a real maybe. I'm trying."

So who could it be?

It obviously won’t be Derek, Mark or Lexie considering they’re all dead. George and Izzie are ruled out so who does that leave?

April and Arizona are the top contenders, especially after the uproar their departures caused.

Another potential is Sandra Oh, who played the iconic Cristina Yang on the show. Oh has soared to fame after scoring the lead role on Killing Eve, but will she have time in her hectic schedule to return to Grey Sloan?

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There is one doctor we’d adore to see on the show again and she’d certainly cause quite a stir if she arrived back in Seattle.

We would love to see the legendary Dr. Addison Montgomery, played by Kate Walsh, return to Grey’s Anatomy. With roles in 13 Reasons Why and The Umbrella Academy, Walsh may not have the time to return to Grey’s but she would certainly breathe new life into the medical drama series.

Who would you love to see back on Grey’s Anatomy?


Grey's Anatomy fans, it looks like we could be gearing up for another heartbreaking season of our favourite medical drama series.

The trailer for the new season just dropped and we're feeling pretty concerned about one of our favourite characters.

The ever charming, twinkly eyed Jackson Avery is in trouble and we're not sure if our hearts can handle it.

The doctor disappeared into thick fog after a massive argument with Maggie during the season finale and now it looks like he may be in a lot more trouble than we thought.

In the clip, Maggie and emergency services are seen frantically looking for Jackson when they finally find him, but have they rescued him on time?

The season 16 trailer sees the Grey Sloan team work together to save Jackson. Our hearts may have broken when Maggie is told that "It is not the time to give up on him,” which makes us fear that his condition is a lot worse than we anticipated.

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We honestly can’t cope if we lose another character. We’re still reeling from McDreamy’s death.

Fans took to Instagram to express their fears over Jackson’s safety. Others even compared the likeliness of the season 11 and season 16 promo posters. For those of you who need a reminder, Derek Shepherd died in season 11 so could this be a warning?


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Say it ain’t so.

You can check out the full teaser trailer for season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy below:


Grey’s Anatomy fans will be relieved to hear the show is set to return in the coming weeks, but season 16 features quite the big twist.

The season finale left fans feeling pretty overwhelmed as so much happened within the one episode. Not only did Meredith, Alex and Richard lose their jobs, but Jackson disappeared into the fog, Teddy and Owen welcomed their baby and DeLuca is in prison.

We’ve been itching to find out how all these storylines will play out and it looks like we’ll find out straight away.


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Showrunner Krista Vernoff told TVLine that the new season will pick up moments after all of these explosive storylines took place.

She explained, “The lingering cliffhangers — i.e. Meredith, Richard and Alex receiving pink slips, DeLuca wearing prison orange and Jackson vanishing into… thick fog — will be addressed “pretty immediately.”

However, it’ll come as no surprise to hear that the Grey’s Anatomy creators have a massive twist up their sleeves.

Apparently, there will be a time jump once each of these major storylines are addressed.


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Vernoff revealed, “We will then span a little bit of time over the course of the hour…”

The showrunner would not reveal just how much time will pass but we’re hoping it is no more than a year.


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Luckily, the time jump isn’t going to let current issues between the show’s characters pass. Vernoff stressed that Meredith and DeLuca will still have to face their relationship problems.

“They’ve got to navigate the complexities of a new relationship in the wake of Meredith having been fired and having broken the law,” she told the publication.

Grey’s Anatomy airs later this month.


Fans of Grey’s Anatomy have been through their fair share of heartache since the show originally aired in 2005.

We have had to say goodbye to some of the show’s biggest characters including Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey and the toughest of all, Derek Shepherd. Every character death leaves us in floods of tears and it looks like the season 15 finale is going to be another tear-jerker.

Make sure you have the tissues at the ready because you’re going to be a blubbering wreck if rumours about the next character to be killed off are true.


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We haven’t lost a major main character since McDreamy died but it looks like things are about to change this year.

It looks like Owen Hunt, who is about to welcome a daughter with his ‘person’ Teddy, could be killed off.

The doctor has been through hell and back. He served four tours in Afghanistan, believed his sister was dead for years, lost his best friend and had to say goodbye to the true love of his life Cristina Yang.


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He has finally started attending therapy and is coming to terms with his troubles. He has adopted Leo and is about to welcome another child into his life with Teddy, but is he about to be robbed of his happy ever after?

In the promo video for the upcoming finale, Owen can be seen in a car with Schmidt and a blood donor. The trio is trapped in the vehicle after severe fog causes numerous cars to crash.

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Surely Owen deserves a happy ending after all he’s been through? Or will Shonda Rhimes break fans’ hearts (yet again) with another harrowing death?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t return until the autumn time but we are already feeling excited about the upcoming season thanks to the latest casting news.

Over the years we have had to wave goodbye to some of the most iconic characters including the dashing Derek Shepherd, the fiery Cristina Yang and most recently Arizona Robbins and April Kepner.

Fans of the show will know just how upsetting character exits can be, but this season you can look forward to saying hello to a new ‘Ortho God’.

Nashville star Chris Carmack has joined the cast of the beloved medical drama series.

You may recognise the actor from his days on The O.C where he starred as Luke Ward.

Grey’s Anatomy may be returning for a fifteenth season later this year, but we could be saying goodbye to Meredith, Bailey and co. sooner than we’d like.

Fans of the show have been on an emotional roller-coaster since day one, and despite all the tears we’ve cried, we still love the show.

Ellen Pompeo, who is the star of the show, recently admitted that the end of the popular medical drama series is nearing.

She told US Weekly, "We’re getting there. Shonda and I will make that decision together. There is an end. It’s nearing.”

Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed for at least two more seasons, but who knows what will happen after season 16.