Grey’s Anatomy creators tease the return of major past character

We have said goodbye to some of our favourite Grey’s Anatomy characters over the years but it never gets easier. We sobbed when Yang left, cried like babies when Mark passed away and honestly thought our hearts were broken when Derek died.

We have recently said goodbye to fan favourites Arizona Robbins and April Kepner, but could one of them be returning to the show?

Ahead of the new season of Grey’s Anatomy, showrunner Krista Vernoff teased the possible return of a major character and we’ve been scratching our heads about who it could be ever since.

Vernoff spilled the news in an interview with TVLine, “I'm trying to get someone back.”

She added, "There's someone I'm hoping will make an appearance this year, [but] it's a real maybe. I'm trying."

So who could it be?

It obviously won’t be Derek, Mark or Lexie considering they’re all dead. George and Izzie are ruled out so who does that leave?

April and Arizona are the top contenders, especially after the uproar their departures caused.

Another potential is Sandra Oh, who played the iconic Cristina Yang on the show. Oh has soared to fame after scoring the lead role on Killing Eve, but will she have time in her hectic schedule to return to Grey Sloan?

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There is one doctor we’d adore to see on the show again and she’d certainly cause quite a stir if she arrived back in Seattle.

We would love to see the legendary Dr. Addison Montgomery, played by Kate Walsh, return to Grey’s Anatomy. With roles in 13 Reasons Why and The Umbrella Academy, Walsh may not have the time to return to Grey’s but she would certainly breathe new life into the medical drama series.

Who would you love to see back on Grey’s Anatomy?