A shock break-up for this star and her man!

It's all over, folks. After just six months, TOWIE's Chloe Sims and Elliott Wright have confirmed they've split.

The couple got together earlier this year during a TOWIE spin-off show in Marbella, and had just recently moved in together and introduced their kids to one another.

Their reps claim the break-up is amicable, but a source close to the pair says they are both "cut up about it."

It's thought the split could be linked to Chloe's ongoing friendship with her old flame Mario Falcone, though Elliott's publicist denies this is the case. "They love each but they've been having a few rows. Not over Mario, that's a completely separate issue," she said.

Chloe and Mario were pictured kissing on a night out back in March, just before she got together with Elliott.

Despite her new relationship the reality star has remained close to Mario, which Elliott was apparently not happy about.

Just last month though, Chloe spoke about her hopes that Elliott would propose. "'I drop hints to Elliott all the time," she admitted in an interview with Closer. "My friends tell him how desperate I am to get married, to trigger the whole idea in his mind!"

Elliott also recently opened up about the relationship, saying he hoped it wouldn't fall foul to the TOWIE break-up curse. "We're very happy. I know people say about the curse but I don't see that happening. Not for us anyway… I think the good thing about me and Chloe is we do work together, we both live together, we've both got kids and I think it just shows that we're quite happy at the moment and it means it's a solid relationship."

Hmmm… maybe they'll work things out? We hope so!