TOWIE star faces backlash after incident with girlfriend is pictured


Mario Falcone appears to have found himself a very laid-back girl in Emma McVey! The TOWIE star was criticised today after photos of the pair on holiday were printed on MailOnline.

In the photos, Mario can be seen breaking his chocolate ice-cream cone into Emma’s face. Although she looks far from impressed in the photos, she has since spoken out about the incident.

People were quick to tell Mario that his actions were NOT okay, but Emma says they have a similar sense of humour: “I really don’t know why people are getting so angry about this…he definitely has my sense of humour. I was just happy I managed to keep hold of my ice-cream.”

While we’re sure the two were just having a laugh, we can tell you we would be far from impressed if our significant other smushed ice-cream into our face! 

Emma and Mario have been dating for a few months now and appear to be very happy together.