Mario Falcone slams his ex-girlfriend Lucy’s looks


Mario Falcone has taken comparisons between his current girlfriend, Emma McVey and his ex Lucy Mecklenburgh very much to heart.

In defence of Emma, whom many have said looks a lot like his ex, Mario made the bizarre decision to slam Lucy, calling her less natural, telling new! magazine: “Lucy will put on a face full of make-up to go to Sainsbury’s – Emma won’t. Emma’s a natural beauty, she doesn’t feel the need to.”

We understand Mario’s frustrations at people making comparisons between the two women, given that he and Lucy no longer talk, but was there really any need to downplay Lucy’s looks like that? Definitely not.

Both Emma and Lucy are stunners and we have no idea why Mario has pitted them against each other in a far worse way than any Twitter trolls had done.

It seems that the comparisons between the two women are just too much for Mario, as he called them 'tiresome': "The only comparison is they have dark hair and have both been linked to me.”

Lucy and Mario were once engaged but things ended badly for the couple who are not thought to be on good terms. Lucy is now seeing gymnast, Louis Smith.