If you've never owned a Juicy Couture tracksuit, then you definitely knew someone that did.

The high-end sweats with the 'J' zipper was the unofficial uniform of the early naughties – and bonus points if you wore them with Uggs. 

The styles came in every colour imaginable and there was even a terrycloth version for hot summer days. And for those of you who really digged the trend probably had the word 'JUICY' written across the bum (classy!). 

Yes, whether you were a Hollywood celeb or a secondary school student, these tracksuits were worn and loved across the globe. 

But as fashion took on new heights (thanks god), we said goodbye to the Juicy trackie. The outfit that once topped our Christmas lists and symbolised our cool-girl status now clutters the racks of TK Maxx, marked with a glaring SALE sticker. 

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London announced a new exhibition that will open in April 2016, named, Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear.

And sitting alongside glorious antique corsets, 18th century bloomers and the sheer naked dress worn by Kate Moss in 1993, is the 2004 version of the Juicy Couture tracksuit. In bubblegum pink, of course.

Our favourite thing to wear ten years ago is now an exhibition piece in a museum. Anybody else feeling old?!