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Hermans hair salon was first established by Herman Koster in 1971 and is celebrating welcoming its 5 millionth customer through the doors, this month.

The iconic salon has been located on Grafton Street for almost 50 years and is one of the longest standing unisex salons in Dublin city. Since then Hermans has opened salons in Dundrum Town Centre, Grafton Street and Ballinteer along with Knights on the Green and Dundrum Town Centre. Knights also run the prestigious Knights School of Barbering where it educates 100’s of students from across the globe.

To celebrate the welcoming of their 5 millionth customer, Hermans and Knights Barbers will be offering their customers a series of special offers. Across their 5 locations, over 5 days Hermans will be offering their customers 5 golden offers.

Offers from October 21 to 25;


Upgrade to a Deluxe Kerastase Treatment blow dry for just €5 with a nourishing Kerastase exfoliating shampoo and treatment (valued at €28).

€5 for floodlights with any colour (Value €30).

€25 off any organic hair colour

€5 off organic retail products.

€5 off all home care products.

Knights Barbers

From Monday, October 21 until Friday, October 25 get €5 off grooming and traditional shaving products.

Hermans hair stylists were esteemed among the acting and musical stars in the 1970’s with big names like Phil Lynott passing through its doors. Hermans original logo was even designed by Jim Fitzpatrick, the artist who created the iconic Che Guevara image. The salon was famous at the time for being the first salon to get an automated hair washing station, or “hairdressing robot”.

They continue this forward-thinking mindset today with their expertise in organic hair colour – Natulique. Hermans believes in the importance of providing clients with an organic options.

Knights of the Green opened since 1988 is a traditional barber shop with a modern spin. Their skilled and unpretentious approach keep customers coming back, as well as their great quality, heritage products and their relaxing hot towel shaves. Their process of shaving requires expert precision and concentration, traditional tools and beautiful aromas. A hot towel shave gives the client time to relax and the chance to put themselves in the expert hands of Knights barbers.

As well as stocking their own high quality shaving brushes which is made in the Isle of Man, Knights also stock a huge range of top international shaving products from around the world.

The highly regarded company is now owned and managed by Hermans children, Greg, Zoe and Karen who have continued their father’s business and legacy.

Karen Koster, co-owner of Hermans and presenter on Virgin Media TV said, “It’s an honour to continue the Herman’s legacy that our father started back in 1971 alongside my brother Greg and sister Zoe. Hermans has been a massive part of Dublin City for almost 50 years and we look forward to welcoming the next 5 million customers through our doors”.



Are your tresses in desperate need of some TLC?

Well, you're in luck, because Greystone's best-loved hair salon has finally landed in Dublin's fair city. 

Since opening in 2014, ZERO ONE has been renowned for it's out of this world hair transformations and luxury extensions, which in turn have earned the salon a huge and loyal fan-base in the form of Ireland's most stylish trendsetters.

And with the launch of it's new Wicklow Street branch, Dubliners will finally be able to see what all the fuss is about.

Home to some of the country's most creative and talented hair stylists, the team at ZERO ONE strive to cater to the individual, creating a unique look that works for you and your lifestyle.

Specialising in  Kevin Murphy Colour, Blow Drys, Up-Styles, Braids and Luxury Hair Extensions, the salon is committed to using only the highest-quality hair products while proving the ultimate customer experience.

Loved by the likes of Thalia Heffernan and Chloe Boucher, ZERO ONE is a welcome addition to Dublin's hair and beauty scene.

The Wicklow Street opening follows a hugely successful launch night which saw appearances from stars such as James Kavanagh, Brittany Mason and Barry Keoghan. 

Check out the video above! 

For more information or to book an appointment, visit www.zeroonesalon.ie, or follow the salon of Facebook and Instagram



if you're the kind of person who gets clammy just thinking about the idea of having to 'make conversation' then this idea is for you.

A hair salon in Wales has launched the first 'Quiet Chair,' for people who'd really rather not talk about their holidays/night out/The X Factor while getting their hair done, thanks very much.

The owner of the Bauhuas Aveda Salon in Cardiff says it'll be a chance for customers to switch off, meaning your next hair cut could be just as relaxing as any other spa treatment.

shh be quiet leighton meester gossip girl blair waldorf

"Some clients worry they aren’t good at chatting, some just don’t want to do it at all and would rather relax with a magazine," explains Scott Miller.

"We get clients for an hour. There could be complete chaos outside. We wanted to make sure we were giving the ultimate experience."

After an initial consultation with your stylist, you're then free to catch up on work emails, read a few trashy mags or just take some time to think.

shut up shh be quiet shaddup

And if you're really after a no-noise experience, you can even opt to have your hair done upstairs, in a fully private area of the salon.

"We hope the service will give everybody exactly what they want and make for a pleasant, comfortable experience for everybody, however chatty they’re feeling that day." says Scott.

Now all we need is for 'quiet taxis,' 'quiet dentists' and 'quiet buses' to become a thing…


We’re currently oh-so in love with tresses that are shaped, styled, and seriously snazzy.

In fact, we’re going to go ahead and say it: there are few feelings better in this world than AMAZING hair.

Yes, that’s because whether your locks are cropped short, or flowing long, when it’s freshly washed, blow-dried, and trimmed just exactly how you like it, you feel you can take on pretty much anything.

What a pity then most folk have also had their fair share of salon disasters. You’re left alone, weeping into a battered, year-old magazine as your hair is assassinated: the colour is wrong; the layers far too choppy; the finish less than fabulous.

It’s no wonder then that women hold dear their favoured hair-dressers, refusing to share their secret with friends and family for fear they’ll never again get an appointment.

Well, at least SHEmazing! is happy to part with one particularly coveted tip for the top: namely Zero One in Greystones Co Wicklow.

It hasn’t been open long – but it’s already garnering a reputation for being one of the best in the business.

#01 beauty Chloe Boucher Make-Up with her Aveda colour and Gold Fever Hair Extensions applied by Edel. We have serious…

Posted by ZERO ONE on Saturday, 12 September 2015


For one thing, the Zero One Facebook page is overrun with incredible hair transformations – that and it has a team of talented stylists who are passionate about everything from a wash and blow-dry to a full set of hair extensions.

It does clip-ins too for those not wanting to take the plunge, and the colourists in situ (the salon uses the celebrated Aveda range) are nothing short of top-notch.

#01 beauty @orlacarmen looks stunning with her Aveda highlights and Gold Fever Hair Extensions extensions applied by #01…

Posted by ZERO ONE on Saturday, 5 September 2015


Top model Madeleine McQueen is a regular in Zero One, as is Ultimo founder Michelle Mone. Then there’s the host of beauty bloggers and industry insiders that are always stopping-by.

We particularly love the little added extras and luxuries that make you go “yes please!” Like a conditioning treatment and head massage for tenner, or an expert blowdry for €18 every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Students get ten percent off everything, and everyone gets five percent back via Zero One’s loyalty card scheme.

It has also just launched its brand-new, spruced-up website – zeroonesalon.ie – which boasts a loads of gorgeous, hairspiration snaps.

Alternatively, you can check out all those all those on fleek hair transformations on its Facebook page.



After getting a cut and colour treatment at your hairdressers, the next obvious step is to pay and tip them, but women often panic about how much of a tip they should give.

And WHO should they tip? The woman that washed your hair or the stylist that cut your do'?

To clear things up once and for all, InStyle asked pro hairstylists to tell us all about the intricacies of tipping at the salon, and exactly who should get one.

For starters, 20 percent of the price of any service is considered pretty standard as far as how much to tip your stylist, but you should also remember to include all of the people involved in the process.

"All the assistants are there in training to be stylists, and at many places, a lot are working at minimum wage, so anywhere from €2 to €5 is perfect," said top stylist Eva Michelle.

And what if the stylist giving you your cut and colour is the owner of the salon? 

"It's definitely not expected, but it's appreciated, and we're always grateful."

"Taking myself as a salon owner out of this, if I go somewhere and I have a really good service I'm satisfied with, I want to tip the person and let them know they're appreciated." 

But what about if you get your hair done on a discounted price or promotion?

"That's another tricky one, but with promotions and discounts, the goal is to get them to come back for other services, so it's okay if you don't get the full tip. That's part of the deal."



Hair salons are one of our favourite places. They're warm, they're inviting and the stylists are our pals.

They want us to look fab, they do their best to help and we generally leave feeling pretty great about ourselves.

Oh, here's another thing about salons- you have to answer a lot of questions when you get there. And we mean a lot.

Here are just ten that get asked in the space of one appointment.

1 “Are you going anywhere nice tonight?”


“Ya off out?”

2 "So, have you been watching X Factor?"


"What do you make of Strictly this year?"

3 "Have you been straightening?"


"Your hair feels like straw and I resent having to deal with it."

4 "Who cut your hair last?"


"This is butchered and I sure as hell didn’t do it."

5 "Ya all set for Christmas?"


"Have you any holidays planned?"

6 "Have you been using a hair protectant?"


 "I told you last time to use it and you didn't, ya scamp."

7) "Are you panicking? Sure, I’m only taking the ends, I promise."


 "Will you relax your shoulders babes!"

8) "What are we doing with ya today?"


"I am going to sort that mess right out, hun, don't worry."

9) "Now, be sure to drop back in for a trim in a few weeks, won’t you?"


"Don’t let your hair get like that again."

10) "Do you want a spritz?"


"Take a spritz."

An appointment wouldn't be an appointment without them and we hope they never end! 

"Sorry, did you ask me something?"




Getting your hair done should be a relaxing endeavour, right? You’re getting preened, you’re getting pampered and you’re leaving like a million bucks. What’s not to love? Well, a lot actually.

A trip to the salon can be nerve-wracking, stressful and downright scary and here are just a few reasons why.

1) You’ve spent twenty minutes on your make-up and now it’s sluicing down your cheeks, all courtesy of the over-enthusiastic fifteen-year-old trainee.

Thanks for that.

2) If you wear glasses, they’re quickly whipped off your face leaving you squinting and at the mercy of a woman with seriously large scissors.

Please be kind.

3) If you read the magazine you’re offered, you feel rude. If you don’t, you have to make awkward chit-chat.

No, I’m just not that into X Factor this year.

4) If you’re NOT going somewhere nice that night, you feel like a loser who’s going home to sit on the couch mournfully stroking her new beehive.

Ah, I might pop out for one, we’ll see.

5) You’re expected to maintain a light-hearted conversation over the sound of twelve blow driers.


6) Even if you’re with an old reliable, you can’t fully relax because you don’t know she won’t have an off-day.

Eyes on the prize, Alison.

7)  If you’re with a new person, silent panic attacks are completely justified.

Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Can I see your credentials?

8) Your ‘OMG, it’s exactly what I wanted' face is so good that you almost convince yourself sometimes. Sob.

My life is over.