Eight reasons why the hair salon can be a scary, scary place.


Getting your hair done should be a relaxing endeavour, right? You’re getting preened, you’re getting pampered and you’re leaving like a million bucks. What’s not to love? Well, a lot actually.

A trip to the salon can be nerve-wracking, stressful and downright scary and here are just a few reasons why.

1) You’ve spent twenty minutes on your make-up and now it’s sluicing down your cheeks, all courtesy of the over-enthusiastic fifteen-year-old trainee.

Thanks for that.

2) If you wear glasses, they’re quickly whipped off your face leaving you squinting and at the mercy of a woman with seriously large scissors.

Please be kind.

3) If you read the magazine you’re offered, you feel rude. If you don’t, you have to make awkward chit-chat.

No, I’m just not that into X Factor this year.

4) If you’re NOT going somewhere nice that night, you feel like a loser who’s going home to sit on the couch mournfully stroking her new beehive.

Ah, I might pop out for one, we’ll see.

5) You’re expected to maintain a light-hearted conversation over the sound of twelve blow driers.


6) Even if you’re with an old reliable, you can’t fully relax because you don’t know she won’t have an off-day.

Eyes on the prize, Alison.

7)  If you’re with a new person, silent panic attacks are completely justified.

Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Can I see your credentials?

8) Your ‘OMG, it’s exactly what I wanted' face is so good that you almost convince yourself sometimes. Sob.

My life is over.