90’s kid listen up!  The blinking balls of weirdness once affectionately known as Furbys are about to make their highly anticipated comeback.

And the modern day update of the 90’s furriest phenomenon is equipped with superpowers his creepy little ancestors could only ever have dreamed of having.

As well as being able to say around 1,000 phrases, the new Furby Connects will be able to link to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth so that they can keep their lucky owners up-to-date with music, videos and current affairs.

When Furby is ready to reveal whatever new content is available on his app, his antenna will light up so his owner will know it’s time to turn his LCD eyes towards their tablet screen.

Once watching whatever magical content we’re sure Furby will suggest, the peculiar little toy will laugh, move and react to whatever’s happening – bringing a whole new level of creep to the hairy creature.

A Hasbro representative told PC: "With Furby Connect, kids can develop a relationship with their Furby while laughing at videos and singing songs together…like they would with any other friend."  

The best thing about the new Furby?  He can actually be put to sleep using an eye mask so at least he won't be able to invade the dreams of another generation.