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If girls love anything it's flowers and makeup, so naturally a lipstick which contains tiny floating flowers is pretty much a dream come true.

Not only does this magical-looking product contain real flowers, it also changes colour throughout the day making it the stuff of actual dreams.

The clear lipstick – which was created by Chinese beauty brand Kailijumei – comes in three colours and dries matte when first applied.

But throughout the day the colour changes as it reacts to the temperature – getting lighter as things get cooler.

And as if that isn't awesome enough, this mesmerising lip product is made entirely of natural ingredients, including cocoa butter, olive oil and lavender oil which help keep lips hydrated.

Unfortunately due to being seriously Insta-famous, the lippy is all sold out but fingers-crossed it will be back soon.



Ever hear of zinnia flowers? Us either. But one thing's for sure, they look pretty in space. 

An English astronaut, Major Tim Peake, has been tending to the pretty flower since they were planted by NASA's Scott Kelly as part of the project, VEG-01 Investigation

In December, Scott tweeted a photo of rather sad-looking plants, and many decided there and then that no flowers could survive in space.

But, after Tim's love and care the buds have bloomed into gorgeous orange flowers.

The zinnia flowers are being grown in the 'veggie' facility in the International Space Station, alongside other various plant species, to see what can actually be grown and what will fail. 

The project is a part of an educational outreach programme, so crew members can grow plants and food on long-duration missions. 

So far, the crew have successfully grown lettuce, which they consumed last year. The plants are grown on special pillows, where various amounts of water is given to see how it affects growth. 

The crew are hoping to try a tomato next. 


We’ve all done something we shouldn’t have – broken a vase, glass or treasured possession.

Sometimes, there was nothing to do but ‘fess up; on other occasions… we ran like the wind and later blamed a younger sibling.

But for one boy recently, there was NO WHERE to hide when he caused significant damage to a three-and-half-century old painting, valued at €1.3m.

The 12-year-old was in a museum in Taipei in Taiwan yesterday when he tripped, subsequently breaking his fall by putting his hand through the valuable piece of art: a Paolo Porpora (1617-1673) oil painting entitled Flowers which stands at 2metres tall and which was on loan from Italy.

CCTV footage captured in the incident – and it all makes for rather painful viewing.

In the clip, you can see the hapless young lad following a guided tour when he suddenly stumbles and falls, punching a hole through the canvas. He looks around desperately in the aftermath, before being lead off forlorn by the tour guide.

Focus Taiwan reports that the exhibition's curator, Andrea Rossi, has asked for the boy's family to be excused from bearing any associated restoration costs.

Instead, he is hopeful that the insurance company will pay for all necessary expenses.

Local and international news interest in the incident has been significant – with a smaller copy of the painting being used during a press conference yesterday evening to explain to gathered reporters the extent of the damage (a fist-sized hole currently remains in the canvas).

The painting was on loan as part of the Face Of Leonardo, Images Of A Genius exhibition; some 50 paintings by Italian Renaissance artists are on display in the Taiwanese capital.

The accident caused the organisers to temporarily close admissions before reopening yesterday afternoon.

Flowers will be restored in Taiwan by Mr Rossi before being shipped back to Italy.



If you’re having a party or a barbecue this summer and you really want to impress your friends with your creative abilities, why not make your own edible flower ice cubes? They look really pretty and you friends will be really impressed!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. First thing’s first – get some edible flowers. You can find these in your local garden centre, herb shop or online.
  2. Fill an ice tray half way with water, place the flowers inside and put in the freezer
  3. Once frozen, fill the remaining space with water and freeze again.

Voila! You’ve got some ridiculously pretty ice cubes. The perfect addition to any summer party!



Who knew ice cube trays could be so indispensable? We certainly didn’t!

Here are some great ways you can use ice-cube trays.

1. Coffee cubes
Perfect in Bailey’s or milk


2. Jello Shots
Great for parties!


3. Flower ice-cubes
This is so pretty! Perfect for summertime drinks.


4. Chocolate bites
This could be dangerous!


5. Fruit cubes
Add some fruit flavour to your water with frozen fruit purée cubes.




A home that has a wonderful fragrance will instantly make people want to come back.

These are some simple tips on how to give your home a fresh and homely feel through the power of smell!

1. Flowers
Keeping some flowers around your home in a vase will allow a subtle but lovely scent to permeate your rooms.

2. Keep it clean
Open the windows, take the rubbish out often and wipe down surfaces, particularly in the kitchen and your home should smell nice and fresh.

3. Candles
Not only do candles emit a beautiful smell around your home they also give a romantic light, perfect for date night.

4. Lemon
The scent from a lemon has long been associated with cleanliness. Use lemon juice to clean your kitchen appliances or even cut some up and put it in your bin to keep it smelling a bit fresher.

5. Bake
Bake a cake or some scones and we guarantee your home will smell like heaven.

6. Essential oils
Mix some water with lavender oil and spritz your bedding and pillows with it for a comforting nights sleep. Experiment with different oils for your living room pillows and spritz them too!

7. Use this great tip
Simmering fruit, spices and herbs can make your home smell wonderful.