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An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale occurred in Taiwan last night. 

So far, the quake has claimed several lives and dozens of others are reported to be seriously injured. 

As footage emerges of the devastation caused, emergency services are still scrambling to help those trapped in the rubble. 

Watch the amazing moment two toddlers were rescued from a collapsed building, courtesy of the Telegraph. 


Powerful drone footage has also captured the devastation of a collapsed building in the Taiwanese city of Tainan as workers continue to pull survivors from the wreckage. 


A local also captured this terrifying footage. 




A rather unusual new fashion trend in Asia has surfaced online today… and yes, it truly is bizarre.

Teens in Taiwan are stripping off their regularly clothing, posting photos of themselves wearing nothing but plastic shopping bags.


It's definitely the sort of trend that leaves little to the imagination, however, it's also one of the more straightforward fashion fads of recent years: stylish teens need only to pop their arms out of the handles, and hey presto! the look is complete.

Upon further inspection, SHEmazing! has observed that it seems to be particularly 'cool' to be seen flaunting a grocery bag from the US-based supermarket 7-eleven, as most teens are going for the green logo look. 

Incredibly affordable (it will set you back a mere 15c in this country) and certainly, ahem, unique, perhaps the trend setters took inspiration from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Australia earlier this year.

Then, designer Vanessa Moe sent models down the catwalk in masks and headpieces that looked remarkably like sheets of plastic blowing against their faces.

Whether it will catch on in this part of the world, we really can't tell. #Watchthisspace. 


We’ve all done something we shouldn’t have – broken a vase, glass or treasured possession.

Sometimes, there was nothing to do but ‘fess up; on other occasions… we ran like the wind and later blamed a younger sibling.

But for one boy recently, there was NO WHERE to hide when he caused significant damage to a three-and-half-century old painting, valued at €1.3m.

The 12-year-old was in a museum in Taipei in Taiwan yesterday when he tripped, subsequently breaking his fall by putting his hand through the valuable piece of art: a Paolo Porpora (1617-1673) oil painting entitled Flowers which stands at 2metres tall and which was on loan from Italy.

CCTV footage captured in the incident – and it all makes for rather painful viewing.

In the clip, you can see the hapless young lad following a guided tour when he suddenly stumbles and falls, punching a hole through the canvas. He looks around desperately in the aftermath, before being lead off forlorn by the tour guide.

Focus Taiwan reports that the exhibition's curator, Andrea Rossi, has asked for the boy's family to be excused from bearing any associated restoration costs.

Instead, he is hopeful that the insurance company will pay for all necessary expenses.

Local and international news interest in the incident has been significant – with a smaller copy of the painting being used during a press conference yesterday evening to explain to gathered reporters the extent of the damage (a fist-sized hole currently remains in the canvas).

The painting was on loan as part of the Face Of Leonardo, Images Of A Genius exhibition; some 50 paintings by Italian Renaissance artists are on display in the Taiwanese capital.

The accident caused the organisers to temporarily close admissions before reopening yesterday afternoon.

Flowers will be restored in Taiwan by Mr Rossi before being shipped back to Italy.




If you thought Valetine’s Day was all hilarious cards and awkward Irish fellas trying to hide behind wilted roses then you’re wrong – all around the world different countries have very different traditions.

Giftcloud have put together some of the more unusual Valetine’s Day traditions that can be found worldwide, and we have to say some of them are very interesting indeed!

For example, guys not aware of tradition in Taiwan may want to count their red roses very carefully as 108 roses signifies a proposal – eep!

In The Philippines, many couples choose this day of love to tie the knot or renew vows, with over 4,000 couples getting married in 2013 and 2014. How romantic!

In Japan, Giri-choco which translates to ‘obligation chocolate’ is given by women to men they have no romantic attachment to such as friends or co-workers and it is generally low-quality and inexpensive. This is in comparison to Honmei choco which is given by Japanese women to men they are romantically involved with and it is generally more expensive and of a higher quality.

Perhaps our favourite Valentine’s Day tradition from around the world comes from Finland where the day is known as Ystävänpäivä, which translates to ‘Friend’s Day’ – a day in which people celebrate and spend time with their besties. Aww!

Do you wish Ireland would adopt any of these interesting traditions? 

To view the full infographic, click here