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If there's one thing we love than Pumpkin Spiced Lattes in autumn, it's getting a peek at all the fabulous, glossy perfection that is Autumn/Winter high-fashion campaigns.

We're totes emosh looking at the handbag or coat we'd literally kill our BFF to own. But because life is just that kind, we'll have to settle for A, dreaming about said purchase (or untimely passing of frenemy) or B, finding comfort in new photographs of Harry Styles – ahem, newly single Harry Styles – decked out in Gucci, cuddling farmyard animals.

And because we need a pick-me-up on this blustery Wednesday, we'll take option B – thank you, oh fashion Gods.

For their A/W19 men's tailoring campaign, Styles is featured in Italy, accompanied by a lamb, a goat and some piglets. 

The hair on Harry! The suits! Harry! Harry and a goat! You get the idea. But don't take our word for it. Look at the perfection:


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You are most welcome. 



She certainly is unstoppable!

Yesterday, Rihanna unveiled her new autumn collection for Stance

The collections consists of 15 different styles of socks that have a Baby Goth Punk theme… Interesting. 

As the brand's Contributing Creative Director, Rihanna oversaw the creation of the campaign photo shoot.

The campaign features five models, all wearing identical Sia-esque pastel wigs. They mostly wear plain black or white outfits to show-off the fancy and daring socks.

Candy Harris, Vice President of the Women's Division at Stance said in a press release that the collection is a look into Rihanna's personality. 

"This collection and campaign give people a peek into all sides of her personality, from the novelty of the toe socks to the hard edge of the punk prints."

"I think the creative really showcases what fashion is to her. It's meant to be bold, it's meant to be fun, and it's meant to be expressive."

Behind-the-scenes is really where the magic takes place: 




Attention all girl bosses (or aspiring girl bosses)!

We may have a long way to go until we achieve actual equality in the workplace, but the number of women leaders is growing. Hurrah!

The Limited, an American clothing brand, wanted to celebrate that in their new Autumn campaign. 

"The New Look of Leadership" features over 60 women who are forces in their industry. 

From motivational speakers, to life coaches, stylists and authors, The Limited rounded up the most diverse, beautiful and powerful group. 

The aim for the compelling campaign was a reminder than absolutely anyone can be a trailblazer. 

Society is changing – go #Girlbosses! 



We are so used to having flawless, thin models advertise the best fashion in the business.

But what happens when your every-day woman dips her hand into high-end modelling? 

Nathalie Croquet is a former fashion photo editor who recently took a turn being in front of the camera rather than behind it.

Her aim was to parody high-fashion campaigns to see what she would look like dressed and draped in some of the most expensive clothing in the world. She called the piece Spoof and ripped-off designers such as Givenchy and Isabel Marant.

Although the photos are supposed to be a bit of a laugh, her real reason behind the stint was to raise viewers awareness to think critically about the images of women we are so used to seeing in front of us. 


Eleven Paris


Eric Bompard




Lavin Paris


Sonia Rykiel


Paule Ka




American fashion label, Nine West, has received a lot of backlash this week, as a result of their latest marketing campaign.

The ads which have seemed to cause most offense involve images of women on the hunt for future husbands in stilettos. 

One of their ads features a woman's leg in a leopard print shoe with her hand holding an arrow. However, it's the caption "starter husband-hunting” which has upset many women, with many saying it was old fashioned and not a true reflection of modern women.

Customers did not react well to these images and were quick to post their disgust online

One Twitter user said: “You know me so well, Nine West. All I'm interested in is snagging a man. I mean, it is still 1950, right?” 

Another user was quick to criticise the fashion campaign: “Next up the perfect shoes for making a sandwich like come on. Couldn't they be great shoes for interviews? Empowering self esteem?”

Senior vice president of marketing for Nine West, Erika Szychowski, said that their new advert campaign reflects how modern age women now act.

"We have to change the way we talk about occasions because women are modern now and shop for a different reason. ‘Starter husband hunting,’ for example, might once have been called night-on-the-town shoes.”

Hmm, we’re not sure if your customers agree Erika. What do you think of these adverts? Do you think they’re offensive to women?




If you think you could be the next big thing in fashion photography and want the chance to take part of a fashion campaign with industry experts, then keep reading.

For their SS14 collection, Warehouse is looking for female photographers to take part of their ‘Fashion Shooters’ campaign.

The lucky winners will get the chance to work side by side with legendary supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen during a live shoot.

But wait, it gets better!

One of the images will be chosen as the final shot for the Warehouse campaign.

On the day of the shoot (22nd March), Warehouse will also be hosting a Fashion Shooters festival in east London, where fashion enthusiasts can enjoy Elle magazine styling zone , photo-read-hair beauty by Toni&Guy and much more.

If this has your name written all over it, then brush up on your photo skills and apply for your free ticket on www.warehouse.co.uk/fashionshooters.