American fashion label, Nine West, has received a lot of backlash this week, as a result of their latest marketing campaign.

The ads which have seemed to cause most offense involve images of women on the hunt for future husbands in stilettos. 

One of their ads features a woman's leg in a leopard print shoe with her hand holding an arrow. However, it's the caption "starter husband-hunting” which has upset many women, with many saying it was old fashioned and not a true reflection of modern women.

Customers did not react well to these images and were quick to post their disgust online

One Twitter user said: “You know me so well, Nine West. All I'm interested in is snagging a man. I mean, it is still 1950, right?” 

Another user was quick to criticise the fashion campaign: “Next up the perfect shoes for making a sandwich like come on. Couldn't they be great shoes for interviews? Empowering self esteem?”

Senior vice president of marketing for Nine West, Erika Szychowski, said that their new advert campaign reflects how modern age women now act.

"We have to change the way we talk about occasions because women are modern now and shop for a different reason. ‘Starter husband hunting,’ for example, might once have been called night-on-the-town shoes.”

Hmm, we’re not sure if your customers agree Erika. What do you think of these adverts? Do you think they’re offensive to women?