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Chris Brown has attracted more drama with his latest stunt, following weeks of media attention.

The singer has launched a line of t-shirts with the tagline 'This B*tch Lyin' after he was released without charge following a rape accusation in Paris last week.

He was arrested after a horrific rape allegation was made against him and his bodyguard, and spent 24 hours in custody after a woman claimed she was raped four times in his hotel room.


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It appears he has now turned to gloat by selling t-shirts with his slogan, which he wrote on his Instagram following his release.

The alleged victim revealed so-called 'details' of what she described as a violent assault. Identified only as 'Karima', the accuser said the R&B singer assaulted her in his hotel, and then his entourage members continued the attack.

After being questioned by police, Brown was released from custody without any charge, but an investigation is still ongoing. Brown filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman and is seeking criminal action.


Congratulations are in order for Entourage star Jerry Ferrara, he's engaged!

The actor popped the question to Breanna Racano in late July and the couple announced the news on Instagram last night.

He wrote: "I SAID YES!!! Wait I mean… I've had mnay great blessings in my life. But this one by far is the best of all time. You are the greatest person I ever met!"

According to E! News, Jerry had been planning to pop the question since 2015, and even asked her parents for permission.

What a cute couple!


She's been voted the world's sexiest woman no fewer than five times, but it seems that Michelle Keegan's beauty is not quite as unique as we thought.

Indeed, her doppleganger has now been unearthed: and seriously, it's CRAZY how similar the duo are.

Rather appropriately, Michelle's long-lost twin is also an actress – albeit one who's based in Hollywood and who is currently promoting a major big-screen project.

Emmanuelle Chriqui, 37, stars in the hit new Entourage movie. She's also appeared opposite Adam Sandler in You Don't Mess With The Zohan, as well as on television shows including The OC, The Mentallist, and – of course – the Entourage series itself, in which she plays Sloan.

Yesterday, Laura Holland of Dublin radio station 98FM was in London to interview both Emmanuelle and her co-star Kevin Connolly – better know to Entourage fans as Eric 'E' Murphy.

During the interview, Laura took the opportunity to highlight Ms Chriqui's similarity to Michelle Keegan, whipping out an image of the Manchester actress for an on-the-spot comparision.

And Emmanuelle's reaction is priceless! Bringing her left hand to her mouth as she gasped in shock, she also grabbed Kevin's arm. Mr Connolly was impressed too, saying: "If you showed that to me, I would go 'yeah that's her'."

A video clip which captured the moment has now received considerable traction, with both respective thespians tweeting their amusement.

In fact, 28-year-old Michelle, who has made no secret of her aspirations to crack the US movie industry, even offered to play Emmanuelle's sister, should the position arise.

She played Tina McIntyre on Coronation Street until last year, but shortly before her wedding to Mark Wright, Ms Keegan revealed to Closer magazine: "If the opportunity came up then of course I would like to go to Hollywood.

"I have never filmed in LA, so who knows – maybe in the future.

"If Mark didn't have work in the UK then he'd probably come with me, he supports whatever I do."




Entourage star Jeremy Piven was both “humbled and horrified” at a recent Q&A session where Mr. Selfridge and Sherlock were both on stage together.

The actor told Jimmy Kimmel how the session organisers forgot to say Mr. Selfridge when it came time for questions,

“They guide me to the stage in the dark and when the lights come on they say, ‘Please give your questions to Sherlock‘, and they forgot to say Mr. Selfridge. I am standing on stage while hundreds of people made their way to Benedict Cumberb****”.

However, Jeremy was quick to add his admiration for the actor and prove he was of course joking:

“By the way, he is a brilliant actor and a true gentleman and Sherlock is genius. I am a huge fan and he’ll never speak to me again.”