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If it didn't catch your attention this morning, a hare was seen in Dublin Airport with a cigarette in its mouth.

We're not joking.

Louise Acheson took to Twitter today to share a picture of the hare going about its daily business, captioning the snap "#nothingtodeclhare."

After it grabbed the attention of many on social media, Dublin Airport has now hit back, claiming that it was not a cigarette in the animal's mouth, but rather an "overgrown tooth."

The company took to Twitter, commenting on the picture, saying "Sorry to spoil all the online jokes, but don't think that hare has a cigarette in its mouth. It's more likely an overgrown tooth."

People are now fighting back, telling the airport not to ruin their Monday morning banter.

If only the hare could make a comment.


Simon Cowell has been quite candid about his love for smoking, but for this year's X Factor, it's costing the judge quite a bit. 

Due to strict rules in the studio, anyone who is smoking inside has to pay a fine of £100 (€141), which means for every single smoke he takes, he has to pay that amount, costing him thousands during the series.

With the judge's tight time schedule during filming, and his love of tobacco, the 56-year-old has been forced to light-up despite it being classed as a place of work.

The severe pace of the show is said to be why the record label executive couldn't wait till after the cameras stopped rolling.

The insider explained to The Mirror: 'Simon makes no secret of the fact that he enjoys a cigarette to help him relax and obviously being on the judging panel while also running the show is very stressful."