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Shane Dawson is quickly becoming the king of Youtube documentary, or as it's known docuseries

Shane's intimate style of storytelling, relatability and empathetic approach to Bunny Meyer (grav3yardgirl) and the queen, Jeffree Star, earned him millions upon millions of views.

Fans ranted and raved about just how good the series had been, and it's true, Shane captured and exposed the beautiful human side of the highly successful Youtubers and reminded us all, that they were in fact, human. 


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So it has absolutely floored us that the 30-year-old has missed the mark so badly with the Jake Paul series.

It has nothing to do with Jake Paul himself, but rather the way Shane approaches mental health, and in particular sociopaths.

Shane has released four of the eight part series and while a lot of people have said his latest video completely turned the series around – the aroma of the sh*t show he caused, still lingers.

The biggest question mark is that Shane is very open with his own battles with his mental health – so why on earth would he want to add to the stigma surrounding mental health?

Time and time again, Shane reiterates throughout his videos that he isn't branding Jake as a sociopath.

But even with his feeble attempts to disclaimer it, it doesn't take away from the real fact that it's dangerous and irresponsible to even suggest the idea.

Shane has no qualifications that could allow him to make that sort of call about someone – and he's spreading this message to MILLIONS of people.

I understand that he has said it's for entertainment purposes, but mental health shouldn't be glossed up with some Hollywood drama.

Anyone who lives with a mental health disorder knows the reality of their disorder – unglamorous, unapologetic and relentless.

And, when you're talking about mental health, you have a responsibility to report it accurately and with sensitivity.

The third part of the series, titled: The Dark Side of Jake Paul, Shane simply relies on videos that have been uploaded to Youtube to prove a point, he uses clips and Instagram images of Logan and Jake Paul to fit the narrative of a sociopath.

The therapist Kati Morton creates this monster like image of sociopaths, it really demonises a serious mental health disorder.

The real kicker comes as they dramatise and exaggerate the stat that one in 25 are sociopaths. This information has been widely publicised after the book, The Sociopath Next Door was released.

However, in an older edition of a book, DSM-IV, it stated that the prevalence of Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) in a population sample is about 3 percent for males and about 1 percent for females.

Furthermore, the book highlights that just because someone has APD doesn't mean that they are a sociopath. 

And while I'm a huge fan of Shane and really respect his work – editorially, he's a genius, his edits and montages are some of the best on Youtube.

His latest series has been extremely self-indulgent – you could watch from the Enemies of Jake Paul and skip the first three videos because it's 90 percent of Shane just speculating, with no real evidence.

I would actually advise anyone who hasn't watched the first three – not to bother. – You'll do yourself a favour by missing the demonisation of sociopaths.

If these series have done anything – it's shown us how not to talk about a mental health disorder. 


We adored every character in The Crown, from Queen Elizabeth herself to the dashing Antony Armstrong Jones. We even had a soft spot for Tommy Lascelles.

However, there was always one character who stood out from the crowd, the one and only Princess Margaret.

Vanessa Kirby dazzled as the rebellious royal during the first two seasons of the show. We were completely captivated by her performance, but what really grabbed our attention was the troubled life of Margaret herself.

We were stunned by just how devastating Margaret’s love life was, especially at such a young age. Our hearts ached for her when she was torn apart from Group Captain Peter Townsend.

Margaret always felt outshone by her older sister, Queen Elizabeth, and longed to be in the spotlight.

The princess will now have her moment, thanks to the BBC. They are producing a two-part documentary series based on the ‘life and loves’ of the monarch’s troubled sister.

According to The Telegraph, Vanessa Kirby’s successful performance in The Crown inspired this documentary series.

The programme is set to feature interviews with various acquaintances of the late princess, including Basil Charles, who once owned a bar on the island of Mustique, where the princess often holidayed.


He comments: "She was a trailblazer, she was a little bit of a rebel. She wanted to have the [royal] life but she also wanted to have a normal life.”

The series will look at her forbidden love, her rebellious ways and her struggle with living in Queen Elizabeth’s shadow.



There is nothing better than snuggling up on a rainy evening and watching some Netflix.

The on-demand streaming service offers some of the best original series and epic classic movies, but it also plays host to some informative and groundbreaking documentaries. 

Be entertained while growing your knowledge of niche topics with these five hair-raising docs.

Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press

Nobody Speak is a powerful documentary, exposing the vulnerability of the free press as it struggles to protect its right of free speech within the realm of public interest. 

Focusing on the Hulk Hogan vs Gawker case, in which Hogan sued the gossip site for leaking his sex tape, and on Donald Trump's vilification of the press, this makes for a riveting hour and twenty minutes. 

American Occult

This documentary series focuses on a slew of American true crimes which involved satanic or occult elements. 

From cult leaders to rogue bands of murderous teens, the series explores the vile murders carried out in the name of Satan. 

The Keepers

Another harrowing documentary series for true crime fans, this documentary has been one-to-watch on Netflix.

The Keepers tells the story of the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a nun and teacher from Baltimore, USA, and unearths some disturbing stories of abuse in the Catholic church while doing so. 

The Queen of Versailles

This wickedly funny and insightful documentary focuses on the construction of one of the most expensive family homes ever built. 

The insanely rich couple building the home discuss the rise and fall of the housing crisis while building their dream palatial mansion. 

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

This 2008 documentary will still be as riveting for true crime fans as it was almost a decade ago when it was made (one of the best things about Netflix – it maintains a treasure trove of old flicks).

The story revolves around the horrific crimes which ended the lives of a father and son. Warning: you will be moved to tears.