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It's been a rocky year for former TOWIE star Dan Osborne, who became the subject of a police investigation last year when audio recordings of him verbally abusing his ex went public.

In the tapes, Dan can be heard threatening to stab Megan Tomlin  the mother of his toddler son Teddy  if she moves on with someone else. The recordings came to light when Jacqueline was two months pregnant with the couple's daughter, Ella, and she says it was extremely hard for her to deal with at the time.

"I've listened to the tapes, I was completely shocked by what I heard," the 22-year-old told OK! magazine. "I thought it was disgusting but it's something that we've worked out – he's been punished enough."

Speaking about the aftermath of the incident, Dan says he was thankful his now-fiancée listened to him and was willing to move on. "The things that came out of my mouth were really stupid but they were said in the heat of the moment because I was scared of not being able to see my son,” Dan said.

"If I was any kind of monster or wasn’t remorseful for what I said, then there’s no way Jacqui would still be with me."

Eastenders actress Jacqueline says she may never fully accept what Dan did but she has come to a better understanding of the situation now. "I don't think I'll ever forgive him for what he said. But at least I understand his reasons why," she explained. "Daniel and I are a family now, so it didn’t cross my mind to end the relationship."

The couple got engaged last month and have even discussed the possibility of more children, saying they hope to have at least one or even two siblings for Ella.

We're glad to see they have been working hard to repair the damage of the last year.



Dan Osborne was recently suspended from The Only Way Is Essex – and now it's been confirmed he's gone for good.

The reality star was temporarily banned from the show earlier this year after a domestic abuse scandal involving his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin.

Dan's aggressive behaviour toward Megan came to light when two tapes were leaked to police in which he could reportedly be heard verbally abusing her and threatening her as she sobbed in the background.

The 23-year-old, who recently became a father for the second time in February when his current girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa welcomed a baby girl, was suspended from TOWIE at the height of the scandal.

Now the show's bosses have revealed he won't be returning for any future episodes. "Dan was suspended during the last series of TOWIE, and Lime Pictures and ITV have since decided he will not be returning to the show," ITV producers said in a statement this evening.

"We wish him luck in the future."

Earlier today Dan hit back at media reports that he had begged the show's producers to let him return for the upcoming TOWIE Marbella special, saying it was his decision not to appear.

"@CloserOnline this is COMPLETE lies.. NEVER has Jacqueline said this.. And I've NEVER begged any producer for absolutely anything.. In fact I was the one that said I wouldn't be going Marbella cause me and jac have a holiday lol.." he wrote, posting a screenshot of an article from Closer magazine. 

Whatever the situation, it seems Dan definitely won't be returning to our screens any time soon.



Dan Osborne's recent arrest scandal doesn't look set to die down anytime soon.

The TOWIE star just welcomed a baby girl with his  girlfriend, actress Jacqueline Jossa, but he was also recently put under police investigation after shocking audio footage was leaked of him threatening his ex, Megan Tomlin.

Now Dan's family's opinion on the matter has come out – and it's not pretty.

Dan's father Jim Osborne is said to have called Megan, the mother of Dan's son Teddy, a "tramp" and "one hundred per cent scum."

In the now-deleted Facebook post, Jim brands Megan as "scum," saying, "Pure 100% scum of the earth. Tramp, great role model… Nasty, horrible little people who think they are clever trying to use violence on a good man, tut tut, you should be ashamed of yourself."

The revelation comes just days after Dan made a heartfelt apology about the audio leak, saying he was "truly sorry to anyone who was offended by what they heard" and that he was "taking steps to resolve" his family situation "to achieve the best outcome for my son."

No charges were made regarding the audio, in which Dan reportedly threatened to stab Megan if she slept with another man and told her, "Go f**k yourself." However Megan's name has been placed on a domestic violence list meaning any calls to police from her address will be given high priority.



Dan Osborne has been suspended from appearing on TOWIE and is currently under police investigation after shocking leaked audio footage, supposedly of Dan, was leaked to the media.

Now his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin has spoken out about the allegations, saying the leak was nothing to do with her.

On the leaked audio, Dan can be heard abusively threatening another woman, believed to be Megan, telling her he would stab her if she slept with another man. The woman then retaliates by telling Dan, "You're having a baby with someone else."

Dan and his current girlfriend Jacqueline Jossa recently had a baby girl together – making it all the more likely that the recording is indeed of Dan and Megan.

However Megan has denied claims she was the one who handed over the recording.

"No, I didn't leak the tape. I'm looking into how it's got so much media attention. The police have it, obviously, and I have been accused of selling it. I didn't," she told The Mirror.

Far from trying to "destroy" Dan and Jacqueline's relationship by leaking the audio clip to the media, Megan insists she was the one who ended things with Dan. 

"In the past 18 months, a lot of what's been written hasn't been based on fact,” she said.. "I'm not jealous and trying to split them up. I was the one who ended the relationship! I was happy telling him to go off and do what he's got to do.”

Although Dan has yet to be charged with any offence, he will not appear on TOWIE while the police investigation is ongoing.


TOWIE star Dan Osborne has an amazing Christmas planned for his son Teddy in the company of his ex Megan Tomlin… but we wonder if he's told that to Jacqueline Jossa!

Given that Jacqueline is expecting her first child with Dan in early 2015, we imagine she wanted him all to herself this year.

But as well as a busy schedule performing in Liverpool's Jack and the Beanstalk panto, Dan revealed he would be driving to Megan's house after work each evening to see one-year-old Teddy.

He also revealed that he plans to spend Christmas Day with close family – and Teddy of course.

"I'm going to make sure that every Christmas and birthday he'll have all the presents he could want," said Dan, adding that the toddler was "constantly in the back of my mind."

Discussing his plans for Christmas in an interview with Closer magazine, the star appeared to gloss over a question about becoming a dad for the second time, answering, "Yeah. And I'm now a full-time Dreamboy too! The tour was so succesful that I'm carrying on next year. I really enjoy it." 

Hmmm… Very vague!

Despite not gushing too much about his second new arrival, the TOWIE star did say earlier this year that he felt "truly blessed" to have the chance to become a dad again. 

As for Jacqueline, she has been getting very excited on social media about her pregnancy, sharing this sweet picture earlier in the week of pals cradling her bump: