Cushions are the BEST – here are our favourites!


What would a bedroom or sitting room be without a few cushions thrown around for extra comfort? They can make the most boring room into something really special if you get the right ones. So if you’re looking at your sofa wondering what it’s missing, it could be one of these amazing cushions…

Floral cushions
These cushions are just so pretty and would go perfectly if you have a brown sofa. We love the intricate details!

Book pilliows
Is your reading corner lacking in comfort? Perhaps these book pillows would be the perfect addition – falling asleep while reading your book will be at least ten times more comfortable with these!

Colourful cushions
We would LOVE to see these in an all white sitting room or bedroom. They’d add a great sense of character too – and you COULD tell people you made them yourself if you wanted…!

Guitar cushions
Forget air guitar – what you want is a soft, cuddly, cushion guitar. Great for parties, no doubt!

Reading cushion
Quite possibly the best invention ever. We really need this!

Jigsaw cushion
We know this is probably for kids, but we don’t care. So comfy – but challenging too (kind of….)!

Poetry cushion
Add a bit of culture to your sitting room with some poetry on a cushion – so cute!

Cactus cushion
Last but not least, horrify friends and family my throwing yourself on this cactus cushion (may only work for particularly gullible friends!).

images via Pinterest