The 5 types of crushes that every girl will have!

From the childhood crush to the celebrity obsession, there’s always been that one guy we like doodle love hearts about. While majority of crushes never materialise into anything, it doesn’t make them any less fun to have. Here are five crushes that every girl will go through:

Childhood crush
He could be the star of the class or your childhood friend, but despite your protestations, you never forget your first crush.

The celeb crush
Let’s face it, it’s an ever growing list from Ryan Gosling to Michael Fassbender; there are too many good looking men to pick from!

The Twitter crush
You don’t even know him but you follow him anyway because he’s your friend’s friend. He’s so cute and has such witty tweets, that you can’t help but be in love with him.

The not-your-type crush
You have no idea why but you can’t help being attracted to this guy. He’s not your usually type in so many ways, but sometimes opposites really do attract.

The see-him-everywhere crush
This is the guy that you’re constantly bumping into. Whether it’s on your bus route home or in your local supermarket, you can’t escape him! But despite staring from a far you’re always too chicken to start a conversation with him.