Ever fallen in love with a passing stranger? This app can help!

It happens to most of us at least once a day. We walk past a stranger, fleetingly make eye contact, decide they're our one true love and that we want to marry them, and then… SNAP. They're gone. And with them your dreams of Prince Charming!

A new (only slightly weird) app aims to help you turn those passing crushes into something real. Crush Feed allows users to post descriptions of people they randomly fancy – be it someone on the Luas, the bus, at a gig or in Tesco. 

If someone's new post matches your physical description, you'll get an alert. You can then choose to connect and chat with your admirer, or you can of course back out and say no more about it.

There's also a public wall where all recent posts can be seen and voted on – so creeps won't be tolerated, hopefully!

The whole thing seems like a bit of a long shot, but we can still see ourselves sneakily checking it out on the 46A tomorrow morning!