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Well, just when we thought we'd seen it all, something else comes along and knocks us off our feet.

Speaking of feet, an absolute fashion atrocity has been committed, and someone needs to call the police before this crime to humanity gets out of hand.

An Etsy shop owner is now selling custom Crocs for your special wedding day, which are covered in sparkling sequins and come in a range of colours. We feel attacked.

The company renowned for their comfortable, but controversially ugly shoes tried to change its footwear up with fanny packs and individual designer's 'Goth Crocs'.

This latest attempt to modernise their audience and cater for brides who don't want to be hobbling down the aisle in painful shoes may actually be successful, but they're fairly expensive.

Bridal Crocs are currently about €91 if bought online, minus shipping, due to the fact that they are custom made for the wedding day. 

Image credit: Etsy

If the exorbitant price doesn't bother you, and you're seeking unbeatable comfort and sparkles for your special day, grab yourself a pair online now.

Maybe prepare yourself for the legions of people who will undoubtedly slag you all day though, just sayin'.

Feature image: Crocs



We were never huge fans of Crocs (at least not outside the house), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t saddened to hear that the brand are closing up to 100 stores and laying off about 180 employees.

They’ll also be reducing the amount of styles they sell by 30-40%, and their Elite line will be totally gone.

However, these changes don’t necessarily mean that the end is nigh for Crocs. Instead they are hoping to save $4 million in 2014 and $10 million in 2015.

Not bad, eh? Maybe we should offer our support by wearing our Crocs in public, or maybe not….