So, it seems that our own Sonia O Sullivan could be adding a few more medals to her collection.

Shocking reports have been released stating that Chinese competitors were using drugs while racing in the mid 90s.

After 22 years, Sonia could now be awarded two World Champion gold medals for her participation in the Stuttgart race, where she was outrun in two races by Chinese athletes in 1993.

According to Chinese reports, women who trained under Ma Juren were forced to take drugs to enhance their speed.

One of the women from the so-called "Ma's Army" wrote a letter to the media, telling them of her drug use, as well as having it signed by nine of her team mates.

According to the Irish Independent, the letter states, “We are humans, not animals. For many years, [he] forced us to take a large dose of illegal drugs. It was true.

Our feelings are sorry and complex when exposing his deeds. We are also worried that we would harm our country’s fame and reduce the worth of the gold medals we have worked very hard to get.”