We've had avolattes and avocado art and we survived, but the notions radiating from the latest viral food trend has us shook. 

Whether you spread it on toast or smother your pancakes in it, there is no denying that Nutella is an exceptionally delicious chocolate treat.

One of the most satisfying ways to consume the hazelnut spread is to simply slurp it directly off the spoon,


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A sneaky spoonful is heaven on earth, but we'd never pay a fiver for the pleasure of doing so. 

After all, you'd get an entire jar for that price, so why would anyone in their right minds think that the public would part ways with five quid for a paltry sampling of the stuff.

This is exactly what one Melbourne Cafe, Spoonful of Sugar, has allegedly tried to make 'a thing.'

The cafe, which is said to be hosting a pop-up store in a secret location soon, also boasts spoonfuls of peanut butter and jelly and butterscotch on the menu. 

Some foodie fans are critical of the Spoonful of Sugar concept, speculating that the cafe is a bit of a hoax. 

However, the owner of the page confirmed to Buzzfeed that the cafe was happening.

Bit of a pisstake?

We think so, otherwise the hipster food trends of 2017 are getting out of hand.