What is your skin telling you about your health?

If you break out in spots in similar areas all the time, you skin could be trying to tell you that there’s something not right going on inside. Check out the guide below to see what’s causing your skin to be less than perfect.

If you break out on your forehead alot, this could indicate that you’ve been eating too much sugary food and/or are under stress. It can also be a sign of digestive problems, or simply, a greasy fringe. Grap the shampoo!

Between your eyes
Apparently this is a sign that you’ve been drinking too much alcohol, smoking too much, or have a weak heart.

If you get spots on your nose more often than not, it could be a sign of a poor diet, constipation or bloating or indigestion. Time to stock up on bran flakes!

Left cheek
Perhaps you’re stressed out, overeating or having some liver problems. Either that or your phone is passing bacteria to your face when you’re talking.

Right cheek
Breakouts in this area could indicate problems with your lungs, allergies, stomach problems, or again a dirty mobile phone.

Chin and jawline
Blemishes here are usually hormone related, but they also be a sign of gynaecological problems.

Around your lips
Any breakouts here could be down to irregular bowel movements, constipation, or eating too much spicy food.