Breakout emergency? Here’s how to really cover up spots


Why is it that spots always choose to show up at the exact worst time? You're getting all psyched up for that big interview or first date and then – BAM! – a nice big spot shows up on your cheek.

Squeezing a whitehead might be tempting, but if you can resist you'll find the blemish disappears much faster and without leaving a scar.

Instead, follow these six pro tips for concealing and covering up that spot until it decides to vacate the building.

1. Clean your face well
Before applying any make up to your face and especially before putting it on top of any blemishes, make sure your face is clean. Wash your face with lukewarm water and the facial cleanser of your choice. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

2. Use a good base
Apply a cream foundation or primer to your face, covering the whole area.

3. Conceal and colour correct
For best results when dealing with red or blotchy blemishes, use a green tinted concealer. The green counteracts with any redness and reduces the colour. Take a concealer brush, one with pointy, flat bristles, and cover it with the concealer.

4. Apply like a pro
Instead of using a brushing motion to apply the concealer, press the bristles on top of the blemish and twist the brush. Repeat this until the spot is completely hidden. With a clean index finger, gently press down around the sides of the blemish so as that the concealer will soften and blend into your skin.

5. Blend, blend, blend
Then apply your foundation as normal, taking it right up to the very edge of the spot so as that your skin is one even colour.

6. Set it with powder
Finally, apply your powder. The powder should be an exact match with your skin colour. Use a clean finger to lightly tap the powder on top of the concealer. The powder should set the concealer, eliminating the risk of smudges or fading. It also works to even out your skin tone.