There's nothing like a new, weird makeup trend on a Monday morning, and this latest one is really bizarre. 


Say hello to my thighs. Am i mutating? Lolz! #face #art #thighface

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A number of people have decided that face makeup is old news, and have taken to doing full makeovers… on their thighs. 


Closer look  #thighmakeup #cutcrease

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We're not talking some lipstick and a splash of eyeshadow, these Instagram users are contouring their thighs, sticking on eyelashes, and making sure that their brows are on fleek. 



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If you can ignore the fact that this is strange, it's actually extremely impressive. 


Thigh makeup art (inspired by @_glambycarolina_ ) 

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Some of the looks achieved are absolutely gorgeous, and if you look closely you actually forget that it's a thigh, because they really look like faces. 

We also cannot help but think that this is a great way to practice makeup skills, without sitting infront of a mirror. 

This trend is set to be massive in 2017, so keep an eye (and a thigh) out for it!