We've heard of some crazy beauty trends in SHEmazing HQ (hungover make up anyone?) but this one tops them all off.

The new craze is scalp Botox: a rescue remedy for stopping your head sweating… and in turn stop you from getting greasy hair.

Has no one heard of dry-shampoo?!

By now we've all heard our fair share of beauty experts telling us that we shouldn't wash our hair every day as it will cause damage and actually increase oil production. But would you go this fair? 

Dr Dendy Engelman, a dermatologic surgeon is one of the first professionals to carry out the procedure and she explains how it works: "I first preps the scalp with alcohol, then I apply anywhere from 100 to 200 injections, depending on the location of the sweating".

This sounds like it would come with plenty of ouch-factor, but the doctor assures us that it is "relatively pain free" and only takes from ten to 20 minutes to carry out. 

Dr Engelman also states that there are no bad side effects after getting the procedure done and in half of the cases patients actually experience increased hair growth. 

Still sounds a bit too scary to us!