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Winter can be an absolute pain when it comes to your precious lips. We need them for so many things, especially kissing for Valentine's Day, but the bitterly baltic weather does it's best to dry them out.

We were intrigued by the science behind it, so asked Marie Therese, Head of Training with Graham Anthony Distribution, for the 411 on why our lips lose their coveted moisture.

She explained that our lips can become very dry because our lips do not have working sebaceous glands, which would serve the purpose of keeping our lips moist. Harsh conditions and ageing are also key factors.

licking halle berry GIF

Cracks can appear as we grow older, and thinning can take place. In the winter, saliva containing amylase and maltase strips away the skin on our lips, leaving them exposed to dry air. (EW)

Basically; take care of ya mouth (Inside and out). We're talkin' dental, we're talkin lip balms, we're talkin' lip moisturising.

We've got you covered for the day of luuuurve; try any of these for February 14 and your lips will thank you for the kissing treatment.

1. Burt’s Bees Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment 

Burt's Bees has been around for a long time, namely because it's one of the best brands around when it comes to lip care.

Their Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment provides long-lasting moisturising properties for soft, smooth and healthy lips. Shield those puckers from dryness while you sleep with 100% natural Ceramide, so you wake up ready to smooch.

Oh, and it's 100% natural and free from parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS's: We heart.

Buy: Feel Unique
Price: €8.39

2. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

This gorgeous product comes in seven shades, and honestly we have NEVER smelled anything so good in our lives.

The Instant Light Lip Oil is the ultimate lip care treatment, and contains three key plant extracts which nourish and comfort.

The non-sticky oil has a melting and lip plumping formula for a boost which will leave you feelin' unreal.

Buy: Debenhams
Price: €21
Image: Escentual.com

3. AromaWorks Rejuvenate Lip Balm

AromaWorks Lip Balm is jam-packed with only 100% natural ingredients, and is SURE to revive your tired, dry lips.

Using a combination of shea butter and Maringa oil combined with jasmine, rose and neroli, the lip balm is considered pure luxury for your lips. 

Buy: Cosmetics Online and nationwide pharmacies
Price: €12

4. Uriage Bariederm Soothing Repair Barrier Lip Balm

Uriage have been upping the stakes for lip balms for years, and now the French skincare giant have made the first barrier lip balm to be formulated with Poly-2; an innovative patented complex offering triple action.

The brand is super trustworthy, and the soothing repair balm will be your new bestie.

Buy: Cosmetics Online and nationwide pharmacies
Price: €10

5. Sculpted by Aimee Connolly Lip Quads – The 4 in 1 Lip Liner Pen

All you need to do is click, twist and pout, according to Aimee Connolly. Her infamous 4 in 1 Lip Liner Pen comes in pink and nude editions, and is legit the holy grail of lip liners.

Multi-award winning makeup artist Aimee Connolly is changing the beauty game with long-lasting, non-drying, pout perfecting products. Line your lips to match your mood this Valentine's Day, with rose, bay, blush, peach, buff, pure, bare and rouge tones on offer.

Buy: www.aimeeconnolly.com
Price: €29.99

 6. Payot Nutricia Baume Lèvres Lip Balm

 The Payot Nutricia Lip Balm is a PERFECT for those hunnies with dry skin, who are seeking smoothness this Valentine's Day.

The unreal reparative lip treatment with a slightly pearlescent finish that works to comfort and nourish your lips.

The moisturising formula uses an Oleo-Lipidic complex, sweet almond, raspberry seed and meadowfoam oil to strengthen and restore the hydrolipidic barrier. This is science speak for; You + Payot = Kissability Level 9000.

Buy: Cosmetics Online
Buy: €19

 7. Delarom rich lip balm

Seeking hydration? Dryness prevention? Fuller puckers? Here's your answer.

Delarom's nourishing and absorbing lip care is unreal value, as well as being pure gorgeous when it comes to lip health. Trust us, it's 10/10.

Buy: Cosmetics Online
Price: €18

8. Glossier Balm Dotcom

*wells up* We actually can't find a single fault with Glossier's balm dotcom range. Literally. It makes us emotional. It even comes in six flavours; Original, Birthday, Rose, Cherry, Mint, and Coconut.

Their hydrating, multipurpose lip balm and skin salve is packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish and repair dry, chafed skin.

Yup, you can use it on your lips and any external dry spots. God bless Glossier.

Buy: Glossier
Price : €12 each

9. Alpha-H Absolute Lip Perfector Lip Balm

 Absolute Lip Perfector is a multi-tasking lip treatment which combines serum and balm, and is infused with gorgeous peppermint, wild mint and honeycomb extract for the ultimate soft lips.

It also works as a powerful night-time anti-ageing treatment, with enhanced moisture which lasts ALL DAY and increased lip volume. Va Va Voom…

Buy: Cosmetics Online
Price: €30

10. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in berry

First introduced in South Korea in 2015, Laneige's master Lip Sleeping Mask has been given awards left, right and centre. But does it live up to the hype? HELLZ YEAH it does.

The gorgeous mask is applied at night, and by the time you awaken like a stunner Sleeping Beauty, you'll have supple, healthy smackers. Yas, it's incredible.


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Buy: YesStyle
Price; €12.48 (on sale)

11. SoSueMe by Suzanne Jackson: 'SoKissMe' lip kits

Suzanne Jackson has just added a gorgeous line of lipstick/lip-liner pairs in the form of lip kits, in time for Valentine's Day.

The colours range from nudes to luscious roses to dark rouge, and we HAVE to have them all.

Shop their entire collection for just €95, with each lip kit coming in at €12.95. It's an absolute bargain.


A post shared by Suzanne Jackson-O’Connor (@sosueme_ie) on

That concludes our top ten lip care products in preparation for Valentine's Day 2019; Happy Kissing, ladies.

We hope some (or all) of these items will spark joy, and give you the healthy lips you deserve.

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Feature image: Beautyheaven 



This week, a barrage of bloggers and influencers were driven around Dublin city it what can only described as one of the most eclectic vehicles in the county. 

The Vintage Tea Tour Bus hit the road to celebrate the launch of a brand new venture by esteemed Irish makeup artist, Aimee Connolly. 

The bus, hosting the likes of Holly Carpenter, Niamh Cullen, Faces by Grace and James Patrice, looped around Dublin's south inner city, as it's patrons enjoyed the opportunity to catch up, snack on afternoon tea, and get up to speed on a product Aimee has been working on that is set to solve one of our main makeup problems. 


A post shared by Sculpted by Aimee Connolly (@sculptedbyaimee) on

Aimee, know for her distinctively pared-back, softly contoured makeup style at a time when 'more is more' is the makeup mantra of many, has created the remedy to an issue many women face when shopping for a face palette. 

Generally, face palettes are built to cater to numerous demographics, and so can include a wildly varying shade range to appeal to many.  

This can often lead to a couple of shades in the palette being used, while one or two are left undisturbed by your beauty blender. 

We have all seen this in action – in our very own makeup bags. 


A post shared by Sculpted by Aimee Connolly (@sculptedbyaimee) on

That deep bronze in your contour palette you simply cannot use thanks to it's dark undertones remains untouched as all the rest of your pans empty, or that icy pink highlight in your strobing set is too light and washes our your rich colouring, so it gets tossed when the rest of the palette is used up. 

We often end up buying palettes based on our fondness for most of the shades, accepting that some wont work for us, but purchase anyway as a means to access the colours we do like.

'The reason why I went for the face products initially is because I used to love how simple it was to make someone look amazing,' Aimee told SHEmazing previously.

'People I think used to think that there was a lot more layers to contouring then there actually was.'


A post shared by Tara Makeup (@tara_makeup) on

'I thought how good it would be to have a handy kit that’s more towards the easy approach to contouring and not the full cream contour.'

Her original palettes, The Sculpted Palette and The Sculpted Rose Gold Edition Set, have been helping Irish men and women achieve a heavenly glow and carved cheekbones since their launch, but Aimee wanted to hone her offering to makeup lovers further by making her palette a personal experience for each person.

And so, The Custom Edition was conceived, and as it's name suggests, the new palette is completely and totally customisable for the person who seeks it out. 

The four pan Revolutionary Refillable Palette comes empty (a steal at €9.00), and makeup lovers than have the opportunity to build their own, completely bespoke, face palette from a selection of 12 options. 

The looks Aimee has created, Royal Rose, Golden Girl and Bronzed Bombshell, each have four elements, a cream base, a bronzer, a highlighter and a blush (Aimee is all about EVERYONE wearing blush to create a natural glow). 

Each of these 12 pans can then be slotted into the palette in any way you see fit – you could take the blush and base from Royal Rose, the bronzer from Golden Girl and the highlight from Bronzed Bombshell, or any other combination that takes your fancy. 

Or, if you're just after highlights, you could choose two cream bases and two highlights to create your own bespoke strobing palette, complete with one set for a day-to-day look, and one for a tanned, glam night look. The possibilities are pretty much endless. 

The individual pans are a steal at just €8.00, and The Custom Edition launches in stores today and tomorrow. 

You can nab them at various pharmacies nationwide, including Cara Pharmacies, and Sam McCauley Chemists and Meagher's Pharmacies. 

They're also already online, from Cloud 10 Beauty and AimeeConnolly.com.



Aimee Connolly has painted the faces of some of Ireland's top stars with her skilled hand, and she has taken to sharing her skills with a generation of up-coming professional makeup artists. 

At a recent Masterclass of her's, hosted at The Galmont Hotel & Spa, the all-star makeup artist impressed us with not just her makeup but her outfit choices as well. 

The MUA donned what could arguably be described as the perfect key piece for nailing this season's most popular fashion trend. 


A post shared by Aimee Connolly – Makeup Artist (@aimeeconnolly_com) on

Leopard print has been all over the high street, and Aimee's long-line dress is a simple and stylish way to tap in to the trend. 

From high street hero store Zara, the classic cut means you can keep wearing it long after leopard print retreats back to the jungle of foregone fashion trends. 

Despite it being a trend print at the moment, it's so classic and reoccurring that there's no reason to banish it once this season has passed. 

Leopard print dress, €49.95, Zara

Coming in just under fifty quid, the dress can be worn with a myriad of other pieces to keep it looking fresh. 

Opt a-la-Aimee and pair it with pointed ankle boots for evening, or try a pair of white runners and a black leather jacket for a NYFW-inspired daytime look. 

The possibilities are pretty much endless with this look. 



One of Irelands' most esteemed and distinctive makeup artists Aimee Connolly is guiding the makeup brushes of future creatives with the establishment of her makeup school. 

Aimee, know for her distinctively fresh, pared-back, softly contoured makeup style in a sea of Instagram makeup trends has developed Sculpted: The Academy to champion upcoming makeup artists, and provide them with the tools and qualifications they need to work in the makeup industry on a global scale. 

With her experience with bridal and TV makeup, as well as the development of her own makeup range, Aimee is a glowing example of an Irish woman building her business from the ground up. 

'Funnily enough, I actually got into makeup after doing work experience with Benefit Cosmetics, so I kind of fell into it just before I was 16 because I didn’t have any work experience sorted,' she told SHEmazing. 

'Then, I was offered a job in Urban Decay so I worked every weekend for three years, went on to MAC, and then I started working for myself but I was only ever doing it part time, much like when I was still in school.

So I started working for myself just before my Erasmus when I was 20, but then when I came back I just stayed working for myself, and when I did graduate from university the business was busy enough to go full time.'

From her fabulous work on a range of clients, Aimee was able to pour her expertise into designing products for the women she worked on in her Sculpted by Aimee range.

'It’s a mixture of having worked on so many people over the years be it weddings or TV and all that, and having worked in the industry for six years, I was very used to working with products, I saw what was lacking and knew exactly what I wanted and what my clientele wanted, and that’s really where Sculpted came from.'

'The reason why I went for the face products initially is because I used to love how simple it was to make someone look amazing, and people I think used to think that there was a lot more layers to contouring then there actually was. So they would say oh I could tell you did her makeup by the way her cheeks are, or how many layers of crèmes do you have on her to get that sculpted effect – and then I thought how good it would be to have a handy kit that’s more towards the easy approach to contouring and not the full cream contour.'

And with three new products launching this year, Sculpted by Aimee has no signs of slowing down. 

After listening to the needs of her clients, Aimee turned her attention to the needs of the Irish makeup industry, and spotted a demand for a professional makeup academy that catered to beginners, long-term makeup artists and gals looking to up their personal makeup game. 

Hence, Sculpted: The Academy came to fruition, along with it's VTCT World Class Qualification offering. 

'I have big plans for the academy to change the structure of how we learn these things,' she said. 

'I think the beauty industry in Ireland is so successful, which is great, and there's so much information online where you can get a step-by-step (tutorial) at the drop of a hat, but I think with that, and with the desire of girls who see the lifestyle of these online makeup artists, they want to be that so I think the competitive nature is huge beachside there's such an influx of artists.'

'It's a good thing because it shows that there's work for everybody but at the same time it does make it very competitive.'

Amy stresses that there is no 'right or wrong' when it comes to makeup artistry, but feels that there can be a pressure to engage in a certain category of makeup that is popular online.

'There's a huge natural reaction to do a very heavy Instagram look because people seem to have a lot of followers along that trend, but my biggest advice is to stay true to what your about and what your style is, because as much as it may seem like 'oh I should do that because everyone has those followers' you'll build yourself up as a brand with a different look if that's your thing.'

For those who do want to maintain an online following? Aimee advises two things – good quality photos and consistent work. 

Whether you're a MUA who wants to get proper training, a gang of girls looking for a fun makeup workshop, or you're in search of a professional one-on-one theory and practical mentor class, The Academy offers it all under the same roof. 




Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram, wishing you could be a famous makeup artist? Well, we do, on occasion (no shame in it!)

Anyway, for many people, the concept of becoming a makeup whiz-kid is but a dream, however if you are looking into getting yourself qualified, look no further. 

*Drum roll please*

We would like to formally introduce Sculpted The Academy by Aimee Connolly. 

Earlier this month, Aimee Connolly, announced the launch of her latest venture, Sculpted The Academy. From September, Aimee will be offering a range of courses from  beginner to advanced (VTCT certified), allowing students to learn the techniques of make-up artistry.

Now, we may be a tad bias, because we're obsessed with Aimee, but this academy is the real deal, and you will learn it all! 

Based at Aimee’s Dundrum studio, a stones throw from the LUAS (#handy), Sculpted The Academy will focus on offering small class sizes in a friendly interactive environment.

Aimee teaches the curriculum she has curated, through live demos and practical hands-on experience. There will also be guest lecturers including Jennifer Rock a.k.a. The Skin Nerd and Celebrity Make-up Artist Tara O’Farrell featured throughout the course. 

Brand partners for Sculpted The Academy have been hand-picked by Aimee and students on the VTCT certified course kits will include products from MAC, Benefit, Make-Up Forever, Rimmel and Inglot as well as a bespoke set of brushes designed by Aimee in collaboration with AYU.

Seriously, you'd actually enroll for the kit alone! 

Why would I choose this course, though?

What sets Sculpted The Academy apart is Aimee’s personal approach to and her wealth of contacts within the industry.

We chatted to the makeup maestro, and she said: “My passion for make-up is only equalled by my love for teaching. I’m delighted to be able to combine the two with Sculpted The Academy and to have a platform to share what I’ve learnt from my years in the industry”.

Whether you want to learn how to be your own make-up artist, are working in the industry and want to advance your existing skills or if you are looking to pursue a career in fashion, bridal, editiorial or catwalk make-up, Sculpted The Academy can recommend a course for your skill set.

And perhaps you find yourself in a situation where you can't quite commit to a full-on course? Not a problem, ladies. 

Aimee is also offering some really cool workshop classes, as well as private group sessions (the PERFECT party idea, we might add).

Anyway, if you need us, we'll be learning how to contour and such, so that we become super-mega-famous

Should be easy, right?


Ladies, I would like to introduce you to your new make-up bag hero: “Sculpted by Aimee Connolly”.

This simply delightful palette contains three hardworking multi-taskers, that have been developed specifically for Irish skin tones (ideal).

The palette includes a highly pigmented bronzer, a champagne coloured cream highlighter and a golden powder highlighter- all wrapped up in gorgeous black packaging.

As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a perfect brush (bough separately) that was designed to make you look low-key air brushed (for real though).

This product is available to buy online at aimeeconnolly.com, and costs a very reasonable €24.95.

We are putting this baby at the top of our Christmas list!