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Kimmy K has been known to wear some of the most controversial pregnancy outfits during her two pregnancies – but now it's Coco Austin's turn to get people talking. 

When Coco announced she was pregnant earlier this year, she wasn't shy about showing off her (ever-changing) baby bump. 

The model has never been shy about showing off her curves and being pregnany certainly hasn't change that. 

The 36-year-old posed in a revealing leopard print bra and yoga pants for an Instagram snap she posted yesterday.


A photo posted by Coco (@coco) on

She captioned the photo, "I'm behind on my baby bump pics! This is from week 36! On Thanksgiving in 3 days I will be 37 weeks!"

She then went on to tell her followers about her new baby blog in which she writes about her pregnancy. 



Looking good doesn’t always require a huge amount of effort. Someone who takes half an hour to get ready can look just as good as someone who takes over an hour.

Here are some easy-to-create looks for the days you just don’t have time.

Cute over-sized jumper
Since over-sized jumpers cover your figure, you don’t have to worry about how your body looks. Style it up with a nice pair of skinny jeans before you hit the road.

Yoga pants
If you’re not in the mood to squeeze into your jeans, throw on a pair of yoga pants. They accentuate your figure in the most comfortable way possible.

Forget color
If you’re unsure of what to wear, throw on some black clothes and just add a little jewellery. Wearing black is an easy solution to all girl problems.