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Leopard print is one of those trends that’s always lurking in the background waiting to return to fashion in some new on point way.

Unfortunately though the cheetah trend has a pretty intimidating reputation – one which leaves many women wary of introducing it to their wardrobes for fear of stepping out dressed as Kat Slater II.

Thankfully, there is one foolproof way of channelling this style and that’s by following one of New York’s most idolised fashionistas and adding just a hint of print to an otherwise simple outfit.

Style influencer Olivia Palermo recently showed the world how leopard print should be done when she was snapped wearing an open-neck white cotton poplin shirt from Zara which features a nicely sized leopard print pocket.

Olivia paired the shirt to daytime perfection with a light blue pair of distressed jeans, yellow pumps, a top handle bag and oversized sunnies, but that’s not to say this chic piece couldn’t easily be dressed up with black skinnies, a coloured lip and a pair of heels.

The best part?  This shirt is currently available both in Zara stores and online for just €29.95.

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Kimmy K has been known to wear some of the most controversial pregnancy outfits during her two pregnancies – but now it's Coco Austin's turn to get people talking. 

When Coco announced she was pregnant earlier this year, she wasn't shy about showing off her (ever-changing) baby bump. 

The model has never been shy about showing off her curves and being pregnany certainly hasn't change that. 

The 36-year-old posed in a revealing leopard print bra and yoga pants for an Instagram snap she posted yesterday.


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She captioned the photo, "I'm behind on my baby bump pics! This is from week 36! On Thanksgiving in 3 days I will be 37 weeks!"

She then went on to tell her followers about her new baby blog in which she writes about her pregnancy.