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Her lips used to be, well, so natural.

Yes – let's for a moment think back to 2010 Lauren Goodger. Fresh-faced (in an Essex kinda way) and on the arm of one Mark Wright, the reality TV star found her fame and fortune on Towie

But how times have changed. Along with losing a significant amount of weight throughout 2015, Ms Goodger this year has furthermore embraced a brand new habit: that of pouting for a series of endless selfies.

And while there's no denying that the loved-up 29-year-old looks fantastic, her latest offering (after rocking THOSE eyebrows at the gym) has proven to be been the final straw for some of her weary fans.


Brrrrrr face #tues #cold #hmmm

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

Many urged her to stay away from fillers – saying she looked ridiculous. "You are a natural beauty without the lips. You have a beautiful natural smile.xxx" offered one observer in response to yesterday evening's Instagram post.

Others were more direct, however: "No way?! Surely she's hasn't done that to her face?!!! Lauren have a chat with Lesley Ash. #trout."

A third commentator remarked: "She's ruined with that s*** in her lips. She will look back on these pics one day and cringe – so pretty without those awful lips."

Still, in honour of what can only be described as a killer pout, SHEmazing! brings you Lauren Goodger's top six duckface selfies. Enjoy!















A sleek fitted jacket and figure-hugging leather pants… Not everyone would have the confidence to step out in such a daring look, but Lauren Goodger is clearly loving her new svelte shape.

The reality star stunned fans yesterday when she posted an outfit snap to Instagram, showing her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean just what he's missing.


In London today in my @hotmessclothing trousers and @molliemonroex shoes

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

Lauren, 29, made the decision to start losing weight in February after pictures of her in a bikini on holidays in Egypt made it to the papers.

Unhappy with how she looked, the TOWIE star threw herself into a tough exercise regime and a cleaner diet – and her determinaton has paid off.

Since February she's shed over 3st, going from a size 16 to a size 10 while still keeping her curves.

"'I’m not trying to look skinny," Lauren said back in June. 

"I want to look fit and have people say, 'She worked her a*** off!'"


Sometimes you have to use Monday to start again #Monday #motivate #fitness #training #power

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

Despite her "strong not skinny" ethos, the slim star came under fire earlier this month when she accidentally posted a tweet about anorexia.

The tweet, which read "Yeah team anorexic," was intended as a direct message for her brother Tony, and Lauren says the whole thing was just a silly joke.

"We've got a private joke about me being able to slip under the door soon because I'll be that slim," she explained.

"It was a really, really stupid thing to write because as you know I'm not a fan of skinny."


The Only Way Is Essex returned to TV screens last night, with the cast making their annual trip to Marbella for some sun, sand… and a lot of drama.

Even the most confident among us would shudder at the thought of being in a bikini on TV, so how do the TOWIE girls prep for their annual televised holiday?

With serious training, clean eating and the odd indulgence, it would seem.

Here's how your favourite female cast members ensure their bods are camera-ready.

Ferne McCann
Vegetarian Ferne gets a lot of her protein from fish and veggies, but she doesn't write off carbs altogether… at least not according to her Instagram page. 



A photo posted by Ferne McCann (@fernemccann) on

Recent pre-Marbs meals for the star included a prawn, squash & turmeric risotto, and chickpea falafel with feta cheese and courgettes.

Now that's a diet we can get on board with.


A photo posted by Ferne McCann (@fernemccann) on

Self-confessed exercise addict Ferne had to take some time out earlier this year when she collapsed from exhaustion during a gym session.

"I didn't realise that I was addicted to exercise, it was more commitment to be honest and my body just overdid it," said the 25-year-old.


Lydia Bright
Recently returned from a trekking holiday in Peru, Lydia is well prepared for baring all on the beach in Marbs.

She has spoken before about her intense training regime and "restricted" diet, and says she works hard to maintain her physique.

"I train five times a week and do an hour and a half each day – one hour cardio and half an hour weights," she told Reveal magazine last year. 

"I eat six times a day – so a little a lot. I eat loads of protein and go through a pack of chicken, pack of salmon and can of tuna a day. And lots of eggs. Most of my diet is protein but I do have carbs as well," she admitted.


The last supper before my trek around Peru #Burger #CheesyFries

A photo posted by Lydia bright (@lydiabright) on

Indeed, she was pictured filling up on a burger and cheesy fries on a "cheat day" before heading to South America last month.


Jess Wright
After breaking her wrist in late July, Jess has had to focus on diet rather than exercise to get her Marbella-ready.

"I try to cut carbs totally out and drink as little alcohol as possible," she told OK! Online this week.

"On the lead up I generally just eat better and try to train as much as possible.


Sunbathing before we head home….. To say Vegas has been epic is an understatement. LIFE

A photo posted by jesswright77 (@jesswright77) on

However with my broken wrist and my busy schedule it was quite difficult to get many sessions in." 


Lauren Pope
33-year-old Lauren has found the right balance between strong and skinny, after dropping to a tiny size 6 in 2012 following her first split from Kirk Norcross.

Nowadays she trains hard in the gym but isn't afraid to chow down on the odd pizza either.


A photo posted by Lauren Pope (@laurenpopey) on

Lauren trains regularly with PT Emma-Louise Burrows, using a mix of TRX, high intensity interval training and acrobatic-style Pilates to maintain her shape.


Fern McCann is believed to have met reality star Rob Kardashian on a night out in Las Vegas. 

According to some sources the pair are apparently in constant contact since they met. 

The Mirror reports that one insider says that "Rob likes Fern because she is more down to earth than the girls he is used to LA and he finds her easy to talk to."


The two are said to have swapped numbers and have been keeping touch by Whatsapp and emailing each other constantly. 

The Mirror also writes that Rob is apparently keen to plan a visit to the UK soon. Despite steering clear of the media spotlight for some time now, Rob is apparently eager to take a trip before the end of the year. 

When asked about the rumour of a romance blossoming, Ferne has this to say:

“There’s been a few messages. I have got plans to go to LA, but only because I’ve wanted to go for ages.”


A photo posted by Ferne McCann (@fernemccann) on

This wouldn't be the first that Rob supposedly found love outside of the States. He and pop star Rita Ora have previously dated. Although their break up did not seem to end so well, perhaps this is one couple we should keep our eyes peeled for. 

However, fellow TOWIE star Jessica Wright didn't seem too happy about any romance rumours about the pair as she interrupted Ferne's chat with 3am:

“Shut up! You only had a picture with him outside. Did you get his number?”

Sounds interesting indeed.



Reality star Cara Kilbey is celebrating some wonderful news this morning, after safely passing the 20 week mark in her second pregnancy.

The former TOWIE cast member suffered a miscarriage at five months back in March but revealed today that she fell pregnant again shortly after.

"I was so nervous up until the 20 week scan," she told Closer magazine, who confirmed her pregnancy this morning.

"I've been trying to relax and enjoy my pregnancy but there's always been a niggle of worry.

"Now I've got past that point and everything is perfectly healthy, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can start getting excited."

Cara's miscarriage was made all the more difficult to cope with as her close friend Billi Mucklow was pregnant at the same time and gave birth in June

However the 28-year old says she and her boyfriend of one year, Daniel, were keen to try for a baby once again.

"Daniel and I knew we wanted to get pregnant again straight away so I was overjoyed when I found out I was expecting two months later," she says. 

Despite the trauma of losing a baby, Cara says she and her partner are stronger than ever.

"I can see how something that traumatic can break up a couple. But we saw a different more caring side to each other and it brought us so much closer."

Huge congrats to Cara and Daniel at this happy time.


TOWIE's Gemma Collins has always been vocal about her struggle to drop the pounds.

Her latest diet is definitely her most extreme yet, and though it seems to have worked for now, it's certainly not the most sustainable option.

Cleanse master Jason Vale has revealed that the 34-year old reality star checked into his Portugal retreat for a month-long diet of nothing but juice, juice and more… juice.

Since returning home, Gemma has continued with her strict diet, taking to Instagram regularly to extol the virtues of the juicing life.

"She lost two-and-a-half to three stone in total in four weeks, living on nothing but freshly pressed juice," Jason confirmed to The Daily Mirror yesterday.


If you want to loose weight this is how #theonlywayisthenutribullet #organic #fruit #jasonvale #juice #juice #juice

A photo posted by Gemma Collins (@gemmacollins1) on

And looking at these pictures from a charity ball over the weekend, there's no denying Gemma is looking far thinner:


A photo posted by Gemma Collins (@gemmacollins1) on

Since finishing the programme Gemma has been showing off her slimmer frame at a series of champagne-fuelled events, but she was keen to get back on the wagon this week.


@seeworldoptical thank you for all the fun

A photo posted by Gemma Collins (@gemmacollins1) on

"And so to bed ….7 days of non stop madness crazy drunk in love kinds of behavior I resign ………… #sleep #water#water #yoga #zen #peace #nocallsplease," she wrote on Instagram yesterday.

Of course, this isn't the first dramatic health kick that Gemma has tried out.

Prior to working with Jason, Gemma had shed three stone using a controversial technique in which she was hypnotised to believe she had a gastric band which reduced the size of her stomach. The weight-loss technique is deigned to curb over-eating by tricking the mind into thinking your body can't handle a big meal.

Having dropped from a size 22 to an 18 using the 'hypno gastric band,' Gemma decided it was time for something even more drastic for her next weight loss kick… and that's where Jason came in.

The brashy TOWIE star signed up to the juice-only programme at Jason's Juicy Oasis, where her eating and fitness routine were supervised by a team of experts.

Gemma's main vices are salty foods like crisps, so prior to starting the cleanse, she was taught about the "psychology of addiction" and how to overcome cravings.

She also worked out regularly, though Jason says it was far from hellish for her. "'She has been doing exercise as well but not military-style. None of it is forced. Nobody can force Gemma to do anything, frankly," he joked.

It's clear Gemma's getting great results… but we hope she isn't taking her dieting too far.


Gemma Collins fans can dry their eyes because the TOWIE star is coming back!

The star just recently quit the reality show when the cast was filming in Marbella. 34-year old Gemma is going to be reappearing in the latest episodes of the series but she’s making some big changes.

Seeking to start a new chapter in her life, Gemma is killing off another cast member! No, she’s not actually going to commit a crime, rather, Gemma wants to get rid of her troublesome alter ego ‘GC’.

The Queen Bea of Essex is determined to put the past behind her and change her ways for good. Gemma is calling on her closest friends to reveal their true feelings about her.

The outspoken Ferne McCann is said to be delivering some brutally honest truths about the star and what the nick-name ‘GC’ really stands for.

“Rude, brash and demanding,” are what ‘GC’ is known as apparently.

The star is making a big comeback after there were reports that she was kicked off the show after throwing a tantrum over filming in Marbella. Reportedly Gemma threw a ‘hissy fit’ while filming the special edition of the show and had an argument with her fellow cast member Vas Morgan.

Taking to Instagram Gemma had made a post that said she was looking forward to her future controlling how she was going to be portrayed. The post has since been removed from the TV star’s account.

Reps for the star denied a suspension from TOWIE instead saying that she was “taking some time out due to personal commitments.”

Earlier this year it was reported Gemma had landed a reality show of her own. After four years on TOWIE she was said to be hosting a show on which she would be providing fashion advice for plus-sized women. 


We're all guilty of overindulging from time to time, but when former TOWIE star Maria Fowler gained over a stone in holiday weight, she knew it was time for a change.

The usually slim reality star got a shock earlier this year when she checked the scales and realised she had piled on 16lbs while travelling in Dubai and New York. Six weeks ago the 28-year-old embarked on a body transformation plan in an effort to undo the damage.

And… it has definitely worked: a month and a half later and 22lbs lighter, Maria has bounced back into shape and is looking more toned than ever. 

"I am amazed how quickly the weight came off. I cannot believe the difference in just six weeks," she said of the change. As well as going to the gym five times a week, Maria also overhauled her carb-heavy diet and cut out alcohol.

"I got rid of all my bad habits and avoided snacking between meals and eating rubbish like chocolate and crisps," she explained of her new eating plan, which was created in conjunction with Forza multivitamin supplements. 

Although she was never excessively overweight, Maria said she knew she needed to do something about her body when an innocent friend asked if she was pregnant. 

"When I put on weight it all goes on around my lower abdomen and muffin tops and it looks really unsightly when I am wearing Lycra in the gym," she said of the embarrassing mistake. "'I can laugh about it now but at the time I was really upset."

She may have a body to die for now, but Maria says she is still unhappy with her looks and is considering a second boob job. "I don't want my boobs any bigger but they could definitely do with a tweak to enhance my cleavage more," she said.

Looking at her now, however, we definitely don't agree…


The newest series of The Only Way is Essex may have only begun earlier this week, but one cast member has already been kicked off the show.

Gemma Collins is believed to have been removed from the filming schedule in Marbella after throwing a tantrum on set that ended very badly indeed.

The brashy blonde was filming an argument scene with Vas Morgan when she reportedly walked off set, telling producers she was sick of being placed in "confrontational situations," a source tells OK! magazine. Gemma apparently told ITV bosses she was "fed up" with the plot lines being created for her.

"After her row with Vas she threw a massive hissy fit and the producers bore the brunt of it. As she left she threw a glass of champagne in the direction of the bosses," the source revealed.

Just three days ago Gemma tweeted to tell fans she was "filming TOWIE today and loving life" as she posed for a picture with Bobby Norris… so whatever went down must have happened pretty suddenly.

A spokesperson for Lime Pictures, the production company behind the show, confirmed that Gemma was not working with them at the moment. "We are currently not filming with Gemma Collins," the rep said.

"She has taken a break from TOWIE filming to focus on some personal commitments."

This is not the first time a public incident has caused drama for Gemma. Last year she infamously quit I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here just days into the show's run, saying she had been through an "horrific ordeal" before beginning filming and felt she couldn't continue.

"I was starving in there – I’m a plus size girl – it did affect me," she said of her short-lived experience in the jungle. "In hindsight, I never should have got on the plane to go."

We hope this isn't the end for Gemma and TOWIE, because she might be a drama queen but she's one of our faves.


Four months after welcoming their first child together, loved-up couple Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa are set to tie the knot.

The couple are currently on the tail end of a holiday in Greece, where they visited to celebrate Jacqueline's sister's wedding last week. It seems wedding fever got the better of Dan, who popped the question yesterday, in front of 40 of his fiancée's friends and family.

As the pair's baby daughter Ella was too young to do the honours, it was up to Jacqueline's niece and nephew to celebrate the happy news via social media today.

The Eastenders actress posted an adorable video this morning of the two little ones chatting excitedly about their aunt's big news:


A video posted by Jacqueline Jossa (@jacjossa) on

How sweet is that?!

With a wedding on the way, former TOWIE star Dan is no doubt hoping for a positive end to what has been a very rocky period of time for him. The 23-year-old was axed from TOWIE and disgraced in the media late last year, after damning tapes emerged of him verbally abusing his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin, who is also the mother of his toddler son Teddy.

Despite the backlash, Jacqueline has stuck by Dan, and in an interview earlier this year the reality star said he was eternally grateful for her support. 

"More than anything, I’m sorry to Jacqueline. She’s put up with so much but supported me through everything. I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to her," he told Now magazine in January.

We're glad to see the pair making steps towards a happy life together… congrats!



Congrats are in order for former TOWIE cast member Billi Mucklow today, with the news that she has become a mum for the first time.

The reality star and her footballer husband Andy Carroll took to social media last night to reveal they were parents to a new baby boy.

Posting a gorgeous family snap to both Twitter and Instagram, Billi welcomed her "little AC" with the message "Welcome To The World Our Beautiful Baby Boy @andytcarroll You Are My Rock," adding, "Love My Boys More Than Anything, Best Feeling In The World! #BabyCarroll #LittleAC"

While there are no further details on the little man's name, it seems it will begin with A… could Andy Carroll Jr be on the cards?

Billi first revealed she was pregnant shortly after Christmas, letting her festive jumper do the talking in this Instagram snap:

Since confirming she was expecting, Billi has been keeping her fans updated on her progress, and even a week before giving birth she was still looking fabulous in a summery pink bikini:


Carroll's Pizzeria @andytcarroll

A photo posted by billimucklow (@billimucklow) on

The reality star will no doubt be thinking of her close friend Cara Kilbey this week as the pair should have been welcoming their babies around the same time.

The two announced their pregnancies just weeks apart, but Cara sadly miscarried back in March, five months into her pregnancy.

Cara took to Instagram herself yesterday to share an inspiring quote that seemed fitting for the situation. "Believe that good things will happen and they will," it read.


It's by now well-know that cast members of The Only Way Is Essex don't do low-key getaways. 

Everything is five-star, high-end, and OTT.

So it's understandable that their elaborate holiday wardrobes really stand out from the crowd – and no more so than during the gang's annual jaunt to Marbella. 

Yesterday, and following a luxurious week-long stay, the Towie guys and gals enjoyed their final day in the Spanish sun.

Chloe Sims in yellow and red; Jessica Wright in a black maxi,
Chloe again in a green playsuit, and Lauren Pope in black


And evidently, the ladies were intent on going out with a bang.

Georgia Kousoulou opted for a skimpy red swimsuit which was cut high on her leg. It also sported a plunging neckline and she accessoried with nude strappy sandals. It was similar to one that Chloe Sims had worn earlier in the week, though that version had a criss-cross tie detail on the waist- and bust-lines.

Meanwhile, Jessica Wright opted for a cut-out maxi dress, which she wore with gladiator flats and oversized aviators.

Lauren Pope was breathtaking in a sheer black kaftan with criss-cross detail on the bust-line. 

Lydia Bright, Ferne McCann, and Chloe Sims


Lydia Bright decided on a seriously sexy black one-piece which showed-off plenty of cleavage, and open-toe black stilettoes. She also had on a fedora hat and shades.

Ferne McCann shunned swimwear in favour of a blue-printed jumpsuit and flat black wedged sandals

Chloe Sims had several stand-out looks over the course of the holiday: a beautiful yellow playsuit teamed with muted accessories, a green caped playsuit which she wore with canary yellow suede shoes, and a white peplum swimsuit in a Grecian style.

Georgia Kousoulou, Danielle Armstrong, and Gemma Collins


Danielle Armstrong had on a chic nude bikini and matching nude sandals. Over her swimwear she wore a sheer white waistcoat with lace detail.

Gemma Collins yesterday decided on a multi-coloured maxi which she wore with flip-flops embellished with glittery ribbons. She also carried a beige tote and had on cat-eye sunglasses. 

Incredibly, the reality TV show is now on its 15th series. Prior to their arrival in Spain, it was reported that the ten main cast members had spent a total of €8,800 on various beauty treatments in preparation for the Towie cameras following their every move.