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Aside from a brief affair with the teapot, the duckface has been the go-to selfie position since Bebo was a thing, but it seems the pouty pose may have to make room for a new kid on the block.

Welcome “fingermouthing” – the strategic positioning of the fingers in front of the mouth to give the classic snapping look a slightly more natural-looking element.

The benefits of fingermouthing include showing off your latest batch of gel nails, being able to cover up any unsightly blemishes and making you look like you could be thinking about something other than, well, fingermouthing.

This selfie position is super versatile and can be altered to suit any individual needs you might have by tilting the head, slightly opening the mouth and splaying the fingers more than might actually be necessary.

The stance is most commonly used by bloggers and celebrities and with basically every Kardashian-Jenner being a fan, we’re sure this trend is not going away anytime soon.



Her lips used to be, well, so natural.

Yes – let's for a moment think back to 2010 Lauren Goodger. Fresh-faced (in an Essex kinda way) and on the arm of one Mark Wright, the reality TV star found her fame and fortune on Towie

But how times have changed. Along with losing a significant amount of weight throughout 2015, Ms Goodger this year has furthermore embraced a brand new habit: that of pouting for a series of endless selfies.

And while there's no denying that the loved-up 29-year-old looks fantastic, her latest offering (after rocking THOSE eyebrows at the gym) has proven to be been the final straw for some of her weary fans.


Brrrrrr face #tues #cold #hmmm

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

Many urged her to stay away from fillers – saying she looked ridiculous. "You are a natural beauty without the lips. You have a beautiful natural smile.xxx" offered one observer in response to yesterday evening's Instagram post.

Others were more direct, however: "No way?! Surely she's hasn't done that to her face?!!! Lauren have a chat with Lesley Ash. #trout."

A third commentator remarked: "She's ruined with that s*** in her lips. She will look back on these pics one day and cringe – so pretty without those awful lips."

Still, in honour of what can only be described as a killer pout, SHEmazing! brings you Lauren Goodger's top six duckface selfies. Enjoy!